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26th December 2016
Let us celebrate the Christmas and New Year as IMA 1 Voice 
Dr K K Aggarwal
The strengths of IMA 
  • Dr Ketan Desai takes over as WMA President
  • Health minister announces joint inter-ministerial committee to look into IMA issues
  • IMA meets all Parliamentarian doctors
  • IMA meets all DGHS department doctors
  • WHO mentions IMA on its website
  • MOH mentions IMA on its website
  • IMA Satyagraha has over 800 mentions in national media
  • IMA elections unanimous
  • IMA panel sweeps MMC elections
  • IMA gets Dr B C Roy awards reintroduced
  • ESI medical colleges restarted on IMA interventions
  And so on

IMA is the collective consciousness of over 3 lakh medical doctors spread over 1700 branches and 31 state branches. There are over 35000 office bearers of IMA. Collectively we are the one voice of the medical profession.
Collectively we can make the difference. MMC elections should be a trendsetter in all states and local branches. 
At national IMA level there is only one group and that is TEAM IMA. We must fight all elections under Team IMA panel. We must pursue the ones who have lost in MMC to join IMA, the mother umbrella of medical profession. They are also our colleagues.
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Press Release
On the day after Christmas, pay attention to your heart health 
New Delhi, Dec 25, 2016: Every year December 26th heralds one of the most dangerous days of the year for people vulnerable to cardiac problems, including heart attacks, arrhythmias, sudden cardiac death and heart failure.
Studies indicate that heart-related deaths increase by nearly 5% during holidays, perhaps because patients delay seeking treatment for heart attacks and also because hospital staffing patterns change. A recent study found quiet ER on Christmas Day with a sudden surge on December 26. It was also found that daily visits to hospitals for heart failure increased by 33% during the four days after Christmas.
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