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25th August 2016
Commercial donors in the disguise of a near relative or the spouse
Many cases of kidney racket are being reported in the media. The new Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Rules, 2014 has been notified and is applicable to the medical practice.  
People bring commercial donors in the disguise of a near relative or the spouse in most instances. There are loopholes in the organ transplant rules, which may make it difficult for the treating doctors to suspect them. Any way the treating doctors cannot be involved in any such scam as they have nothing to do with the committees constituted under the new rules and the law.
Procedure in case of near relatives
Who is a near relative?
When transplant of organs is between near relatives related genetically, namely, grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, grandson and granddaughter, above the age of eighteen years
Who can give permission?
The competent authority as defined at rule 2(c) or Authorisation Committee (in case donor or recipient is a foreigner)
Who is a ‘competent authority’?
(c) “Competent authority” means the Head of the institution or hospital carrying out transplantation or committee constituted by the head of the institution or hospital for the purpose;
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Press Release
Never administer Asprin or Ibuprofen to patients suffering from dengue fever
All heart patients suspected of dengue fever who are on regular low-dose aspirin should stop its consumption immediately and contact their treating doctor
New Delhi August 24, 2016: The cases of dengue are rampant especially in New Delhi. While most people are seen scouting through journals and articles looking for dengue symptoms and its treatment, they often miss one of the most crucial pieces of information. One must never administer aspirin or ibuprofen to a patient suffering from or suspected to suffer from dengue since it can cause internal bleeding.  In addition to this, all heart patients who are on regular low-dose Aspirin and associated drugs must stop its consumption immediately and contact their treating doctor  
Since dengue presents as a fever with body ache in the beginning, most people mistake it as a case of viral fever caused due to a change in season. They in-turn self-medicate themselves with either Aspirin or Ibuprofen to get relief from the symptoms.
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