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25th May, 2017
Proposed Revision of WMA Resolution on Tuberculosis: Inputs required 
Document no:    SMAC 206/Tuberculosis REV/Apr2017    Original:English
Title:    Proposed Revision of WMA Resolution on Tuberculosis     
Destination:    Constituent Members    Action(s) required:

For consideration
Note:    As part of the annual policy review process, the Council in Buenos Aires (April 2016) decided that the WMA Resolution on Tuberculosis should undergo a major revision. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) volunteered to undertake that work.

At its 204th session in Taipei (October 2016), the Council decided to circulate the proposed revised document within WMA membership for comments. The 206th Council session in Livingstone (April 2017) considered the revised version and decided to circulate it again within WMA membership for further comments.
  1. According to the World Health Organization, tuberculosis is a significant global public health problem affecting over 8 million cases every year with 2.2 million infectious cases and over 1.5 million deaths. South East Asian and African countries are most affected.
  2. In developing countries, the incidence of tuberculosis has risen dramatically because of high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, increasing migration of populations, urbanisation and over-crowding.
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Postnatal depression is a silent killer in India
Timely intervention can help cure 80% of such cases

New Delhi 24 May 2017: Postnatal depression is an illness that affects about 20% of mothers in developing countries like India, according to the World Health Organization. However, this kind of depression is still not recognized much. There are roughly 130 million births every year in India and provided this situation is addressed, the number or women with clinical depression is only likely to increase in the coming years. 
There are many factors that trigger depression in new mothers, some of them being unplanned pregnancy, an abusive relationship, alcoholic spouse, pressures to have a male child, and hormonal changes.
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