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25th March, 2017
Vedic Prescriptions
Chapter 2: Lessons from Vaidya Sushena
A medical doctor is accorded a status next to God as he or she has a duty to heal the sick irrespective of their caste, creed, race or financial status.
The classical description of the duty of a doctor was depicted in the Hindi movie 'Achanak' starring Vinod Khanna made by Gulzar in 1973.
In the movie, Vinod Khanna enacted the character of an army man who loves his wife intensely. He returns home after the 1971 war to find his wife, actress Lily Chakravarti, involved with his close friend. In a fit of emotion, he kills them both. He is sentenced to death but is wounded in an attempt to escape the police. At the hospital, he is looked after by a team of doctors (Om Shivpuri, Asrani) and a nurse (Farida Jalal). They work hard day in and day out to save him from the lethal injury only to hand him over to the police chief (Iftekhar) for the due capital punishment.
The story ends with the message that the duty of a doctor is to save the dying man and the duty of a policeman is to award the due deserved capital punishment.
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8 golden rules to prevent kidney diseases

Chronic kidney disease, especially end stage or third stage kidney disorders are on the rise in India.

New Delhi, March 24, 2017: Chronic kidney disease can strike any one. 17% of urban Indians suffer from kidney disease, as per latest estimates. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two leading causes which today account for 40-60% cases of CKD in India.

Chronic kidney disease can strike any one. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two leading causes. Other risk factors for kidney disease include heart disease and a family history of kidney failure-a severe form of kidney disease.
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