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25th December 2016
eMedinewS Wishes all its readers  Merry Christmas
Major win for IMA: Non pelvic ultrasound clarification 
Govt. of NCT of Delhi
Office for the Chief District Medical Officer South East District
Directorate of Health Services Govt. of NCT of Delhi
Delhi Govt. Dispensary building
PVR Complex, Saket, New Delhi - 110 0017
F.No.13 (07) CDMO/SED/PNDT/Misc/Part II/2268 Date 19-9-16
All Medical Directors/Medical Superintendent/Directors/Owners
PNDT Registered Centres
South East District
Govt. of NCT of Delhi
Sub: Clarification regarding registration of a person having done MBBS and other PG Degree 
A letter from SPO, PC & PNDT, Directorate Family Welfare, Govt. of NCT of Delhi dated 11/8/16 vide letter no. F9/7/1/PNDT/DFW/o3/Pt. File II/4943-53 has been enclosed for "Clarification regarding registration of a person having done MBBS and other PG Degrees".
Under the PNDT Act, it is hereby clarified that all the specialties other than MD/DNB in radio/Obstetric should be allowed to undertake ultrasound & can use Ultrasound equipments/Echo Machines  in their concerned specialized fields if the Ultrasound equipment/Echocardiology Machine is required in that specialized field.
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Passive smoking increases dementia risk

People exposed to secondhand smoke may face as much as a 44 percent increased risk of developing dementia

New Delhi, Dec 24, 2016: A study from Peninsula Medical School in Exeter, England published in the British Medical Journal has shown an association between cognitive function and exposure to passive smoking. The risk increases with the amount of exposure to secondhand smoke. For people at the highest levels of exposure, the risk is probably higher.
The study collected data on more than 4,800 nonsmokers who were over 50 years old and tested saliva samples from these people for levels of cotinine, a product of nicotine that can be found in saliva for about 25 hours after exposure to smoke.
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