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24th September 2016
IMA Detox President Secretaries Meet ​
Never tell patients to reduce their stress… tell them how to reduce the stress instead
Doctors very commonly advise patients to reduce their stress. But, what we don’t tell them is how they can do so.
A Detox Leadership Meet was recently organized by IMA HQs at Om Shanti Retreat Centre at Manesar in Gurgaon (Haryana). At the meet, when asked to define stress, every doctor had a different answer to the question. 
Under the IMA 1 Voice Program, all IMA members should be clear and speak in one language.
The correct definition of stress is “the reaction (evident or silent) of the body and/or the mind to the interpretation of a known situation”.
The components of stress therefore include:
  • A known situation, which may or may not be alterable
  • An interpretation, which may be natural, positive or negative
  • A reaction, often modifiable, which can be at the level of mind and/or the body and this reaction can be evident or silent.
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Press Release
Heart Care Foundation of India's (HCFI) annual flagship event -the MTNL Perfect Health Mela to focus on controlling vector-borne diseases like Chikungunya, Dengue & Zika 

Commemorating 25 years of its inception, the theme for this year's Perfect Health Mela will be 'One Health.'
New Delhi, 23rd September 2016: HCFI, a leading national non-profit organisation, committed to making India a healthier and disease-free nation, today announced the theme and details of its flagship event, the MTNL Perfect Health Mela 2016. The Mela will be organised from October 25-29, 2016 at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi jointly with Health & F.W. Dept. NCT Delhi, MTNL, NDMC & other Central & Delhi state Government department. The Indian Medical Association will be the knowledge partner for the event.
An annual event curated to spread mass health awareness using entertainment as a medium; the theme for this year’s event is "One Health" and will focus on the current vector-borne disease menace in the country with special reference to chikungunya, dengue, malaria and Zika.
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