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24th August, 2017
Triple talaq judgement may relieve stress in women
Dr KK Aggarwal
Our Vedas tell us that every thought in our mind arises from the silent potential web of energized information or consciousness. This thought from the mind is then analyzed by the intellect and the personalized by the ego. It then leads to an action. Every action leads to a memory, which in turn leads to a desire and with this a cycle of action, memory and desire is set into motion.
If the desire is fulfilled, it leads to action again and then desire again. Repeated fulfillment of desires leads to habit formation, addictions and development of a particular personality. Unfulfilled desires, on the other hand, lead to irritability and then to anger.
Anger destroys peace of mind. It hampers the powers of discriminating between good and bad. Anger distorts intellect and fosters negative emotions. Loss of intellect leads to animal-like behavior and ultimately self-destruction.
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New Delhi, 23 August 2017: As per WHO estimates, 3 million people in industrialized countries will have died due to tobacco use by 2030, and an additional 7 million people in developing countries will meet the same fate. 
Smoking is still the leading preventable cause of death. Not only does tobacco smoke cause lung cancer, it is also implicated in heart disease, other cancers and respiratory diseases. As per the IMA, women who quit smoking have a 21% lower risk of dying from coronary heart disease within five years of quitting their last cigarette.
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