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24th July, 2017
Principles of communication
Communication is the foundation of an effective doctor-patient relationship. It works both ways i.e. it has advantages for both the patient as well as the doctor. Good communication is the key to building trust, patient compliance to the prescribed treatment, patient satisfaction including better clinical outcomes. A good communicator is also a great motivator.
Poor communication has been attributed as a major contributor to litigations against doctors. Hence, good communication skills are therefore very important for the doctor.
There are certain principles of communication that should be followed for effective outcomes.
  • Know your target audience. Your audience is made up of diverse group of people, with different cultural backgrounds and health literacy levels. Assess their level of awareness of your audience and tailor your message accordingly. If the level of awareness is low, talk to them at their level and gradually build up the level of your message. Do this even if this is the case with even one member of the audience so that all get the benefit of your message and nobody feels left out. Remember, "One size fits all" messages don't work always.
Dr KK Aggarwal
National President IMA & HCFI
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IMA adopts Aao School Chalen Project
  • Emphasizes on the importance of imparting public health education in schools
  • Fifth day of every month to be designated to activities under this project
New Delhi, 23 July 2017: According to statistics, about 60% of the country's population is below the age of 45 including the sub-group of schoolchildren. The health and well-being of the country's young people is not a matter of luck and neither is it a chance or random event. It must be a planned outcome. Considering this, the IMA has adopted the "Aao School Chalen Project" initiated by Delhi Medical Association in the recent past as a National Project.
Under the project, the 5th day of every month has been designated for any activity related to this project. The IMA has always stressed on the importance of imparting public health education in schools and this is a step in that direction. As a part of the 'Aao School Chalen' project, lectures and awareness campaigns will be held in schools to sensitize school children on various public health issues.
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