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24th March, 2017
  World TB Day: Some key messages on TB
  • India has the highest TB burden country in the world in terms of the absolute numbers of incidence cases each year. Mortality due to TB is the third leading cause of years of life lost (YLLs) lost, in the country.
  • TB is caused by bacilli spread through droplet nuclei (less than 5 microns) infection. Droplet nuclei can remain suspended in the air for extended periods, and thus are a source of exposure to susceptible individuals.
  •  Split AC is not the right atmosphere for sputum-positive cases. Natural windows and fans are better alternatives.
  • TB does not spread through handshakes, using public toilets, sharing food and utensils, blood transfusion and casual contact.
  • TB can be of lungs (pulmonary), or outside the lungs (extra pulmonary). In 85% of cases, lungs are involved. 
  • TB infection and TB disease are not the same; 90% of those infected may not develop TB in their life time.
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World Tuberculosis Day: prevention, management and treatment of TB

IMA is determined to spread awareness and educate Indians about causes, prevention and management of Tuberculosis

New Delhi, March 23, 2017: Every year March 24, is marked as World Tuberculosis Day, to spread awareness and educate people about the prevention and management of tuberculosis (TB). The Day also highlights the success and progress achieved till date in curbing TB. 
India has the highest TB burden in the world. According to WHO statistics (2014), globally 9 million people are diagnosed with TB out of which 2.2 million cases are reported from India. Around 40% of the Indian population is infected with TB bacteria, and among these TB patients cases of latent TB are significantly higher than active TB cases.
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