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CMAAO Coronavirus Facts and Myth Buster: Delhi - 29% prevalence of COVID-19 antibodies

Dr KK Aggarwal, President CMAAO
23rd August 2020
1056: Second sero-survey suggests 28% in city have antibodies
1. The previous serological survey conducted by the National Centre for Disease Control among 21,387 individuals demonstrated that 22.86% of the people surveyed had been exposed to the novel coronavirus. 2. The second serological survey, conducted in the first week of August across Delhi, has shown that 28.35% of the people surveyed have developed antibodies. 3. Over 15,000 samples were obtained across 11 districts in the national capital to check for the spread of the virus... Read more »
Dr k k Aggarwal

World COVID Meter 22nd August: Acute immuno-inflammatory manageable virus disease with significant post viral phase, 213 Countries Affected

Dr KK Aggarwal, President CMAAO, HCFI and Past National President IMA
23rd August 2020
Cases: 1M April 2, 2M April 15, 3M April 27, 4M May 8, 5M May 20, 6M May 30, 7M June 7, 8M June 15, 9M June 22, 10M June 29th, 11M July 4, 12M July 8, 13M July 13, 14M July 17, 15M July 23, 16M July 25, 17M July 29, 18M August 1, 19M August 6, 20M August 10, 21M August 16, 22M August 19, 23M August 21. Ground Zero: Wuhan - in live animal market or cafeteria for animal pathogens: 10th January; Total cases are based on RT PCR, 67% sensitivity. Coronavirus Cases: 23,105,094, Deaths: 802,889, Recovered: 15,700,852, ACTIVE CASES 6,601,353... Read more »
Dr k k Aggarwal

Alcohol-related liver disease – Updates in non-invasive diagnosis

23rd August 2020Gastroenterology Hepatology Multispeciality
Despite being a leading cause of severe liver disease across the world, alcohol-related liver disease (ALD) is often diagnosed at the decompensation stage. Liver biopsy continues to be the gold standard for diagnosing and assessing the fibrosis stage of ALD; however,... Read more »

Hypertension Update

Dr k k Aggarwal

CCB and ARB combination can prevent CV events in elderly high-risk hypertensive patients with CKD

23rd August 2020 Hypertension
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is displayed by decreased glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Globally, CKD is a public health disorder and a higher incidence can be seen in the older population. Evidence shows that... Read more »
Zinc Update

The biological basis of altered resistance to infection due to zinc deficiency

23rd August 2020Allergy & Immunology Multispeciality
Zinc plays a pivotal role in the immune system. Zinc-deficient individuals might experience increased susceptibility to a diversity of pathogens. The immunological mechanisms by which zinc regulates increased susceptibility to infection have long been studied... Read more »

News From All Specialities

WHO emphasizes need for quick action amid fresh COVID-19 outbreaks

23rd August 2020 Pathology & Lab Medicine Pulmonary Medicine
As several countries report fresh COVID-19 outbreaks after stretches of little or no transmission, the World Health Organization (WHO) is emphasizing the need for authorities to act quickly to prevent further spread of the disease... Read more »

Bharat Biotech gets DCGI nod to test intradermal vaccine delivery

23rd August 2020Pathology & Lab Medicine Pulmonary Medicine
NEW DELHI: Bharat Biotech has received approval from the Drugs Controller General of India to test the administration of its experimental COVID-19 vaccine through skin, i.e., intradermal vaccine delivery. If it is proven to be effective, this could help more people get the vaccination... Read more »
Practice Updates

India's COVID-19 Recovery Rate Around 74%, Only 0.2% Patients on Ventilator

23rd August 2020 Emergency Medicine Pathology & Lab Medicine
New Delhi: According to the Union Health Ministry, recoveries among COVID-19 patients in India rose to 20,96,664 on Thursday, with the country’s recovery rate now estimated as 73.91%. Only 0.28% of the 6,86,395 active cases are on ventilator support, stated the ministry...Read more »
Practice Updates

COVID-19: Antibody Tests 3 to 4 Weeks Postexposure

23rd August 2020 Pathology & Lab Medicine Emergency Medicine
The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) is recommending against testing patients for antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 during the first 1 to 2 weeks following exposure to the virus. The society released its antibody testing guidelines this week... Read more »

Robotic Surgery Improves OS in Early Oropharyngeal Cancer

23rd August 2020 Pulmonary Medicine Emergency Medicine
A retrospective study, published in JAMA Oncology, has revealed that transoral robotic surgery (TORS) could improve surgical outcomes and survival in comparison with nonrobotic surgery in patients with early-stage oropharyngeal cancer. The study included 9,745 patients from the National Cancer Database (NCDB)...Read more »

PCOS Cover Story :

Long-term therapy with CPA/EE highly beneficial for acne improvement...Read more »


Medicolegal Corner

What are the duties of a doctor in respect of signing professional certificates, reports and other documents?

23rd August 2020
Regulation 7.7 elaborates on the issue of signing professional certificates, reports and other documents. It states as follows: “Registered medical practitioners are in certain cases bound by law to give, or may from time to time be called upon or requested to give certificates, notification, reports and other...Read more »

eMedi Humor

Blonde Stop

23rd August 2020
A police car pulled alongside a speeding car on the motorway. Glancing at the car he was astonished to see that the blonde behind the wheel was knitting! Realizing that she was oblivious to his flashing lights and siren, the cop rolled down his window and shouted "Pullover!"...Read more »

eMedi Quiz

A patient using contact lens develops corneal infection. Laboratory diagnosis of acanthamoeba keratitis was established. Which of the following is the best drug for treatment:

23rd August 2020
1. Propamidine.
2. Neosporin...Read more »

Lifestyle Updates

eWellness: Don’t start if you do not drink; if you cannot stop, limit your intake

23rd August 2020
• The definition of a standard drink differs in countries: US = 14-15 gm alcohol equivalent to 12 oz beer, 5 oz wine and 1.5 oz 80 proof liquor; UK 8 gm alcohol, Japan 19.75 gm alcohol and India 10 gm alcohol.
• A standard drink usually means a US drink... Read more »

eSpiritual: Signs of Spiritual Awakening

23rd August 2020
• More experiences of telepathy.
• More experiences of reverse telepathy.
• More spontaneous fulfilment of desires...Read more »

Inspirational: Live and Work

23rd August 2020
Once there was a hardworking man who delivered bread as a living to support his family. He spent all his evenings after work attending classes, in a hope to improve himself and one day, find a better paying job. Except for Sundays, he hardly ate a meal together with his family...Read more »

Medical Voice

Delhi close to herd immunity? There’s no consensus yet

23rd August 2020
New Delhi: Is Delhi headed towards herd immunity against Covid-19? The scientific community is divided on the subject. While some of them feel we are nearly there, as 29% of the city’s population is exposed to the virus that causes the disease already, others say more than 70% of the population...Read more »


Medical voice

Doctors Survey

Question 1 : Which of these courses would you pay for - You can select multiple options
How to modernize clinic
Growing your digitize you clinic and practice...
Medical voice

How Corona Aware Are You

Question 1 : How confident are you that you could recognize and respond to a potential coronavirus case?
Very confident
Moderately confident...


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Practical efficacy of olmesartan vs. azilsartan in patients with hypertension: MUSCAT-4 study

A randomized-controlled trial compared the practical efficacy of olmesartan with azilsartan in 84 patients treated with conventional ARBs for more than 3 months. These patients were randomly allocated to receive either 20mg of olmesartan (olmesartan medoxomil, OL group) or 20mg of azilsartan (azilsartan, AZ group)... Read more »



Exercise and Nutritional Intervention for Adults with Sarcopenic Obesity

People with sarcopenic obesity (SO) have both low muscle mass, i.e., sarcopenia, and high body fat, i.e., obesity. These individuals are at a greater risk of metabolic diseases and physical disability when compared with people with sarcopenia or obesity alone... Read more »


The skin microbiome: impact of modern environments on skin ecology, barrier integrity and systemic immune programming

An article published in the World Allergy Organization Journal elaborated on how the skin barrier structure and function are essential to human health. The authors stated that unrecognized functions of epidermal keratinocytes show... Read more »


An antibiofilm hydrofiber wound dressing: Clinical and in vitro performance

Biofilm has often been cited as a key pathological factor in non-healing wounds. It therefore seems crucial to manage the biofilm in order to expedite wound healing and achieve the desired outcome. A study by Scully and colleagues compared the clinical and in vitro performance... Read more »

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