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23rd May, 2017
Healthcare shame: India ranked 154th out of 195 countries ranked by Lancet Medical Journal: DNA

This is not true: Indian Medical Association
DNA has reported a Lancet study that India's poor ranking is primarily because of the rise in cases of tuberculosis (TB), diabetes, rheumatic heart disease and chronic kidney disease. India has failed to achieve in healthcare goals, badly lagging behind China, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in terms of accessibility and quality.
India was ranked 154th position in the ranking of healthcare quality amongst 195 countries, whereas some countries like South Korea, Peru and China have seen greatest improvements in healthcare access and quality since 1990. China, with a score of 74 on the index, has been ranked at 82 - far ahead of India, and Sri Lanka has scored 73 on the index. Similarly, Brazil and Bangladesh have score 65 and 52, respectively. India performed worse than expected in TB, diabetes, rheumatic heart disease and chronic kidney disease. The 32 diseases for which death rates were tracked included TB and other respiratory infections, illnesses that can be prevented with vaccines - such as diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and measles - several forms of treatable cancer and heart disease, and maternal or neonatal disorders.
I do not agree. This is not the correct picture. Government statistics are based on data from government set ups, which cater to only 20% of the society. The remaining 80% are seen by the private sector.
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IMA to organize Dilli Chalo movement 
Over a lakh doctors to join the movement digitally and physically to bring to light atrocities faced by the medical fraternity

New Delhi, 22 May 2017: The National IMA is organizing the Dilli Chalo Movement on 6th June 2017 to bring forth the atrocities faced by the medical fraternity and has urged all its members to join the movement in entirety. The Protest March will start at 8:00 AM from Rajghat and reach the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium by 11:00 AM. The march, which will be joined by over a lakh doctors in the country, both digitally and physically, will be followed by deliberations on issues ailing the medical profession.
The last few months have seen several other initiatives by the IMA on this front such as STOP NMC Sathyagraha, two National Protest Days against violence on doctors, NO to NEXT strike in medical colleges, and the National Black Day against West Bengal Clinical Establishments Act.
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