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22nd  September 2016
Dengue fever may occur more than once​
The second attack of dengue may be more severe and more dangerous than the first attack; hence greater caution should be exercised. 
There are four different strains of the dengue virus - DENV 1, DENV 2, DENV 3 and DENV 4. Hence, dengue fever may occur four times during a lifetime. A second dengue infection or subsequent infections may result in potentially fatal complications.
In article published in the journal Science Translational Medicine in 2011, researchers cited studies, which showed that "after an initial infection with one DENV serotype, the individual is protected for a period of time from dengue disease and/or high viral load when infected with a heterologous DENV serotype. However, this immunity is short-lived, and infection with a heterologous DENV serotype after longer time intervals leads to increased risk of a more severe clinical phenotype, a phenomenon termed enhancement" (Sci Transl Med. 2011 Dec 21;3(114):114ra12). 
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IMA raises awareness about the role of a primary care physician/ general practitioner in Alzheimer care
New Delhi September 21, 2016: Alzheimer disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disorder of uncertain cause and pathogenesis that primarily affects older adults and is the most common cause of dementia.

The most essential and often earliest clinical manifestation of Alzheimer Disorder (AD) is selective memory impairment.
While treatments are available that can ameliorate some symptoms of the illness, there is no cure or disease-modifying therapy (treatment that slows the course of the illness) currently available, and the disease inevitably progresses in all patients.
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