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22nd May, 2017
Vedas and fertility

Infertility has been known from the Vedic era. Examples of fertility and assisted reproduction can be read in cases of King Dashrath, Ganesha, Kartikeya, Dhritarashtra, Vidur and Pandu etc.
The three Shahi Snans mentioned in our Vedic literature are undertaken in the month of Magh, Vaishakh & Kartik (Vikram calendar) months. Shahi snan denotes exposure to sunlight to get Vitamin D. The rituals also involve eating the calcium-rich sesame seeds in a fasting state. Increase in both vitamin D and calcium are necessary to increase fertility.
The main wedding season starts from Devuthan Ekadashi, Tulsi Vivah followed by Amala  Navami. The seeds of Shyama Tulsi are known to increase the viscosity of semen and in women they help the release of eggs, a clomiphene-like action. Amla also increases sperm concentration.
Pooja means dharam karam i.e. whatever we offer to God, we should also offer to ourselves (God is in me, the basis of Advaita philosophy).
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New Delhi, 21 May 2017: In light of a recent incident, the IMA has written to the MCI expressing its viewpoint about NRI doctors barred abroad working in India. As per the US court, the doctor has been ordered "not to practice medicine in any form within the United States or any other country".
As per a recent court directive, based on news reports that an Indian-origin doctor, who has been barred from practicing by a US court, is now treating patients in Delhi and Gurgaon, the Member Secretary of Delhi State Legal Services Authority, Sanjeev Jain, was asked to verify the doctor's name and address,
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