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22nd October 2016
A proud moment for IMA: Dr Ketan Desai takes over the reins of World Medical Association
Dr K K Aggarwal and Dr Ved Prakash Mishra

Taipei, Taiwan: It was indeed a historical moment of which every Indian would feel proud when Dr Ketan Desai took over the reins of World Medical Association as its President at 10 am on Friday 21st October 2016 at Hotel Grand Hyatt to a thundering applause by the world professional fraternity.  
It was a diligent recognition, which came way of an illustrious leader who always, with passion, rendered himself to the cause of medical profession and medical education alike.
His initiatives on several counts got converted into policy frame and have catered to the public interest in a very substantial manner.
Be it the National Entrance Examination Test, doctor-pharma relationship, enforceable punishment on those who were committing frauds and misrepresentations and rationalizing minimum standards requirements facilitating development of medical schools in the country, he was the torchbearer and the front runner as well.
It was under his initiative that the Government-run medical schools in the country were granted a onetime increase in post graduate seats without any on-site verification exclusively based on furnishing of information by increasing the permissible ratio of registered students against a professor post graduate teacher to 1:2. This, in one stroke, resulted in an increase of well over 2500 post graduate seats in Government colleges in the country that were and are open and available for meritorious students within their affordable reach.
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World Medical Association President Dr Ketan Desai alarms over political onslaught on medical autonomy
New Delhi, October 21, 2016: A strong warning about continued political attempts around the world to marginalise the autonomy and self-governance of the medical profession has been given by the new President of the World Medical Association.

Dr. Ketan Desai, a former President of the Indian Medical Association, was delivering his inaugural speech as President of the WMA at the Association’s annual Assembly in Taiwan.
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