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21st July, 2017
What is team work?
What is team work? When asked this question, the usual answer would be "a group of people with the ability to work effectively in a group with the objective of achieving a common goal". 

Each member has a role to play within the team. How well a team works together can spell success and failure of a project. Several success stories have been credited to "team effort" and rightly so.
Trust, mutual respect, commitment, communication, taking responsibility, cooperation are some of the skills that are usually listed as required as team work skills to achieve desired results. These are qualities that employers often seek in prospective employees.
A team comprises a group of people, each with their own personality. And it is the personality of each team member more than the individual expertise or ability that each has to offer, which determines how well a team works together and delivers desired results in time.
Each one of us has a physical profile (defined by our height, complexion, collar number, waist size, etc.), intellectual profile and ego profile (my bank balance, car, job designation, locality of residence, size of house, contacts, power, clothes, etc.).
Dr KK Aggarwal
National President IMA & HCFI
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Indians do not take dental health seriously, says IMA
Sensitivity, teeth staining, cavities, and nursing bottle caries common among Indians due to lack of awareness 
New Delhi, 20 July 2017: A study conducted recently has indicated that about 95%of Indians have gum diseases, 50% do not use a toothbrush, and 70% of children under the age of 15 have dental caries. It is alarming to note the high incidence of oral health ailments in Indians. Sensitivity is another major problem, with only 4% of those with the issue visiting the dentist for consultation. According to the IMA, Indians tend to indulge in self-treatment by avoiding certain food and drinks, rather than paying a visit to the dentist regularly.
Some of the most common dental problems among Indians are tooth sensitivity, staining of teeth, and cavities. This can be attributed to eating habits and other habits such as smoking. Consumption of alcohol and aerated drinks, and smoking can make the teeth lose their natural whiteness. Loss of enamel can also lead to sensitivity.
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