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21st June, 2017
Picture Abhi Baki Hai, Mere Dost...
The "Dilli Chalo" movement organized by the Indian Medical Association on the 6th of this month was a resounding success. The capital witnessed a huge nation-wide participation of doctors. More than one lakh doctors were connected to each other that day and achieved the required critical mass of 1% of collective consciousness.
 I will here try to elucidate on what is "collective consciousness". Some of you would be familiar with the term.
Consciousness is an energized field of information with powers to do everything in the universe. Collective consciousness is the internet of the collective souls of many people in a group and is the strongest superpower ever available in the universe. As per the Vedic texts, whatever is the intent of collective consciousness will become a reality.
Scientifically speaking, collective consciousness is based on the principle of critical mass, which is 1% of the defined population under study.
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IMA votes against amendment to the KPME Bill
Another movement in the making to protest against fixing rates for procedures in private hospitals

New Delhi, 20 June 2017: The IMA has come out against another draconian amendment, this time by the Karnataka government, which seems to follow on the lines of West Bengal. The amendment to the Karnataka Private Medical Establishments (KPME) Act entails fixing of rates for various procedures in private hospitals and penalty for flouting these. The Bill, when passed, will enable the government to regulate private hospitals in all aspects. It also entails setting up of an expert committee to classify private medical establishments and recommend the state government to fix the cost of treatment for different medical services.
Condemning the amendment as a very disturbing trend with the CEA Karnataka trying to follow West Bengal in forming grievances cell and fixing rates, the IMA has called for quick action to be able to fight this act and other such acts at the anvil as soon as possible.
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