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Editorial (Dr SS Agarwal, Dr K K Aggarwal)
21st April 2016
Welcome the Girl Child
Dear Colleague
Welcome the Girl Child is a Flagship Programme of IMA.  Kindly promote it as much as possible by any of the following. The girl child is defined till the age of 18.
•    Support a Girl Child (0-18 years) by announcing a scholarship of Rs.500/- per month for her educational / skill development activities.
•    Support her with a fixed deposit of Rs. 1.5 lakhs in a bank and deposit its interest to the Girl Child’s bank account till she becomes 18. After that you can get your money back.
•    Organize a skill development programme for her which should help her in income generation in future. You can choose any of the 64 arts which every women should learn.
•    Support a Girl Child for free heart surgery, if the parents cannot afford. You can refer to headquarters for help.
•    Adopt a Girl’s Schools and give health lectures and conduct health check-up camps.
•    Distribute Iron Folic Supplement to the Girl Child in schools.
•    Create awareness about the Child Sexual Abuse Sutras to Girl Child. “Sexual violence against children, a crime, is common, preventable, whether evident or suspected, is a punishable acute medicolegal emergency
•    Waive off your consultancy fee on birth of Girl Child.
•    Identify a Girl Child who is sick and cannot afford treatment and help her in getting the treatment.
•    Participate in Campaign 950: to bring the child sex ratio of 950 girls to 1000 boys
•    Kindly expose black sheep in the medical fraternity who are indulging in female feticide.
•    The Slogan of IMA is that ‘No Girl Child should die in the country’.
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