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21st November 2016
Ayurvedic doctors cannot write allopathic drugs
If you come across any Ayurveda doctors giving modern drugs, note it in the case sheet and or the prescription. Sensitise the patients and the relations. If you find any delay in diagnosis make it a point to mention it in the final diagnosis.
Case to be cited
NCDRC/ NEW DELHI/ REVISION PETITION NO. 1622 OF 2012/ Dated 04 Mar 2016; Deepesh K Kushwaha & 2 ORS vs Dr Gopal Naryan Awte Sanchalak Gopal Hospital, Hoshangabad: HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE J.M. MALIK, PRESIDING MEMBER/ HON'BLE DR. S.M. KANTIKAR, MEMBER: ORDER/ JUSTICE J.M. MALIK

1. State Commission reported in Dr. H.K. Jain Vs. Sunil, 1999 (3) CPR 504, that for proving negligence by a doctor, the complainant has to prove the allegations and expert evidence in the same field.

2. "Madhya Pradesh Ayurvigyan Council" Mandatory registration under Madhya Pradesh Ayurvedic, Naturo & Unani Pathy Medical Board/Madhya Pradesh State Homeopathy Council. Registered Medical Practitioner under Madhya Pradesh Ayurvedic, Naturopathy and Unani Medical Board or under Homeopathy Medical Board having BAMS, BIMS, BUMS, DHMS or BHMS or under any pathy, are not authorised to practice under allopathy medical system.
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