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20th  August 2016
Whenever Dengue or Chikungunya Case is suspected: Do the followings:
  • SMS to the RWAs President & Secretary who in turn should send SMS to all RWA Members.
  • SMS to be sent to the local IMA Branch President & Secretary who in turn should send a SMS to all the doctors of that respective pin code area.
  • SMS to be sent to all the Pathologists of that area.
  • Local Councillor/MLA/MP should be informed about the outbreak of dengue in a particular Pin Code area so that necessary Vector Control Programme is under taken by the respective Municipal body.
  • All the doctors should make it a point that whenever they see their patients, they do talk about Dengue prevention
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Lybrate Question of the Day
A 18-year-old male from Moga asked:
I don't know why my body start sweating anytime it lasts for nearly 3 minutes and my body starts cooling I don't know what the problem is can you pls help I also feel some time like everything around me is moving like earth is moving HELP ME.
Dr. Aruna Sud, General Physician, replied:
sweating and cooling body could be due to the environment or due to thyroid hormonal change, some anxiety etc., if you can eloberate like when you feel this, do you notice any heart beat, breathing rate increase at that point of time... read more
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1. The sample should be kept at 4° C.
2. The sample should be incubated at 37°C. 
3. The sample should be refrigerated deep freezer. 
4. The sample should be refrigerated for the initial 3 hours and then incubated at 37°C.
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Press Release
IMA and HCFI release guidelines on dengue and chikungunya management​
New Delhi, 19 August 2016: In an attempt to dispel myths and create awareness about the ongoing dengue and chikungunya outbreak in the city, IMA and HCFI today released a set of guidelines on the management of the disease. 
Speaking about the issue, Padma Shri Awardee KK Aggarwal - President HCFI and Honorary Secretary General IMA said,” The incidence of dengue and chikungunya will continue to exist this month and instead of creating unnecessary chaos and panic, it is essential that awareness is created about its prevention and timely steps are taken towards disease
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