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20th November 2016
Violence against doctors
Eighteen States and Union Territories have their respective State/UT legislations on the issue of  violence/assault on doctors. For e.g. Delhi Medicare Service Personnel and Medicare Service Institutions Act 2008, Bihar Medical Service Institution and Person Protection Act 2011, etc. In all these legislations, punishment is imprisonment which may extend to 3 years or with fine up to Rs. 10,000/- or both and Compensation of twice the purchase price of property damaged and loss caused to be recovered as arrears of land revenue on default. 

If any person commits any of the below mentioned offences, one can lodge an FIR under Section 154 of the Criminal Procedure Code. 
  • Criminal Conspiracy- Sections 120 A and 120 B of IPC
  • Offences Against The Public Tranquility
  • Unlawful Assembly -Sections 141, 143 and 144 of IPC.
  • Rioting - Sections 146 , 147  and Section 148 of IPC 
  • Affray - Sections 159 and 160 of IPC 
  • Offences Affecting The Public Health, Safety, Convenience, Decency And Morals: Public Nuisance: Sections 268, 269 and 294 of IPC
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What is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and how does it affect your lungs?

As per the WHO reports, more than 65 million people are suffering from moderate to severe COPD in India

India's population accounts for a significant percentage of COPD mortality, which is estimated to be amongst the highest in the world, coming down to about 556,000 in case of India (>20%) out of a world total of 2,748,000 annually

New Delhi, 19th November 2016: COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease has been characterized as one of the most common lung disorders. Individuals suffering from COPD develop chronic bronchitis, which causes them to develop a persisting cough with mucus. Additionally they may suffer from emphysema, which stimulates lung issues in an individual over time. In this disease, a person suffers from a restricted flow of air to the lungs causing them to develop one or both the diseases.
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