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1st July 2019

Today is Doctor's Day

Dr KK Aggarwal, Recipient of Padma Shri

Health Budget in India

The primary job of any doctor is to alleviate the pain and sufferings of a person without commercialising it. This is also the fundamental duty of the government under Article 21 of the Constitution of India.

The government should differentiate non-emergent from emergent care. In non-emergent care, even in UK the waiting list can be in years, but emergent care must be given without delay.

All government hospitals in India should provide emergent care to all those who need it and if no bed is available, they should be shifted to empanelled private sector with billing to the government under the respective Ayushman Bharat scheme. Appropriate budget should be allocated for this purpose.....read more

Healthcare workers often work while sick: "Charity begins at home"

Dr KK Aggarwal, Recipient of Padma Shri

Most healthcare workers (HCWs) with an acute respiratory illness (ARI) have worked during most episodes of ARI, putting their patients and coworkers at risk for infection, finds a recent study published online June 18 in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology.

HCWs from 9 Canadian hospitals were prospectively enrolled in active surveillance for ARI during the 2010–2011 to 2013–2014 influenza seasons. Daily illness diaries during ARI episodes collected information on symptoms and work attendance....read more

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Practice Updates

Even people with well-controlled epilepsy may be at risk for sudden death

A new study published online in the June 19, 2019 issue of the journal Neurology shows that risk of sudden death is not just limited to those with severe, difficult-to-treat epilepsy; even people whose epilepsy is well-controlled are at risk of sudden death. In nearly all of the cases (93%), no one witnessed the death.... read more

Study shows response to treatment with enfortumab vedotin in patients with advanced urothelial cancer

A single arm, phase II clinical trial of 125 patients showed treatment with enfortumab vedotin (EV) – a new agent targeting Nectin-4, a protein found in 97% of urothelial cancers – produced responses in 44% of patients with locally advanced or metastatic forms of urothelial cancer. Patients had previously been treated with platinum chemotherapy... read more

Angiotension II approved for septic shock in Europe

The European Medicines Agency's (EMA's) Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) has recommended angiotensin II acetate injection (Giapreza) for refractory hypotension in adults with septic or other distributive shock who remain hypotensive despite adequate volume restitution and application... read more

Vitamin deficiencies may be the only sign of celiac disease

According to a retrospective study of prospective adults newly diagnosed with celiac disease at Mayo Clinic, deficiencies of micronutrients are common in these patients despite lack of overt malabsorption symptoms. Hence, they should be evaluated for micronutrients at the time of diagnosis.... read more

Teens who can describe negative emotions can stave off depression

Teenagers who can describe their negative emotions in precise and nuanced ways are better protected against depression than their peers who cannot, concluded a new study about negative emotion differentiation (NED) published in the journal Emotion. NED is the ability to make fine-grained distinctions... read more

IDEJ Update

Indian Diabetes Educator Journal (IDEJ), 1st of its kind in India aims to keep the members of diabetes care team abreast with concepts of DSME (Diabetes self-management education) and DSMS (Diabetes self-management support). IDEJ has set a new benchmark in educating the diabetes educators about evolving the concept of DSME- reaching to more than 25000 through Digital and Print Medium..... read more

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