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1st June, 2017
Straight from the Heart to our senior colleagues: We seek your blessings and support
All our Senior Colleagues - Past Presidents, Association Presidents, Medical Leaders, National Awardees, Teachers, Administrators and Mentors
We need your blessings and support in fighting for the cause of the medical profession
Dear Colleague
Our medical profession is facing very tough times. From time to time, doctors are being abused or beaten, manhandled, tried in the media, defamed in social media, criticized by the public or charge sheeted by the police.  Don't you think that we now need to speak out in 'one voice' and fight against this multipronged assault?
Two and a half years back, I practically took a sabbatical from my clinical practice and have devoted myself to work for the betterment of and in the interest of the medical profession in my various capacities in the Indian Medical Association (IMA). 
Through these years, it has been my endeavor to provide a common platform for dialogue amongst the fraternity and also with the policymakers and other stakeholders.
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IMA calls for One drug - One company - One price
Uniformity of pricing still an issue that is left unaddressed

New Delhi, 31 June 2017: In a bid to question the decision that urges doctors to prescribe generic and cheaper drugs, the IMA has called for a 'One drug - One company - One price' policy. This call comes as part of the month-long intensive campaign being undertaken by the Association as a clarion call against the issues faced by the medical fraternity today. The campaign will lead up to the Dilli Chalo movement to be organized on 6th June 2017. 
Uniformity in pricing of medicines in India still remains a distant dream. The same company selling the same drug under different brand names and at different prices is even more inexplicable. Concerns have already been raised about the fact that a poor country like India has a weak drug price control mechanism.
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