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Editor-in-Chief eMediNexus – Dr KK Aggarwal
19th November 2018
HCFI Representation for formulation of law on OTC drugs accepted as PIL and Govt. given time for reply

Dr KK Aggarwal & Advocate Ira Gupta

On 24.08.2018, Hon’ble Chief Justice of Delhi High Court had accepted and converted the representation filed by Dr KK Aggarwal, Padma Shree Awardee and National President of Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) into a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on the issue of formulation of law on Over-the-Counter (OTC) drugs in India. Notices were issued to Union Government,

Government of NCT of Delhi, Drug Controller General of India(DCGI), National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority etc. in the said more

Top News

Today is World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day is an official United Nations international observance day to inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis. It informs, engages and inspires people to take action toward achieving Sustainable Development Goal... read more

Morning Medtalks

Morning MEDtalks with Dr KK Aggarwal 19th November 2018

68% of Ayushman beneficiaries get treatment in pvt hospitals: NEW DELHI: In encouraging news for the Ayushman Bharat programme, around 68% of the some 2.3 lakh beneficiaries to be admitted to hospitals under the scheme received treatment in private hospitals with Gujarat,... read more

Practice Updates

Choosing Wisely: Questions parents should ask about their hospitalized child's antibiotics

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), as part of the Choosing Wisely® campaign, wants to protect hospitalized children from the effects of antibiotic resistance by providing a list of recommendations to serve as a starting point of conversation for physicians and patients. ... read more

Brentuximab vedotin now approved for peripheral T-cell lymphomas

The US FDA has expanded the indications for brentuximab vedotin (Adcetris) to include first-line treatment of CD30-expressing peripheral T-cell lymphomas (PTCLs), to be used in combination ... read more

Structural brain abnormalities are found in people with prediabetes

Prediabetes is associated with structural brain abnormalities, with further deterioration in type 2 diabetes, says the Maastricht Study published in the Oct. 2018 issue of the journal Diabetes Care. These results indicate that, in middle-aged populations treatment of early dysglycemia may ... read more

Topical glyceryl trinitrate improves pain in tendinopathies

Treatment of tendinopathies of the rotator cuff, wrist extensors, Achilles and patellar tendons with topical glyceryl trinitrate for up to 6 months appears to be superior to placebo and may therefore be a useful adjunct to the treating healthcare professions, according to a systematic review of 10... read more

EMA Panel recommends first oral-only treatment for sleeping sickness

The Committee for Human Medicinal Products (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).European Medicines Agency has adopted a positive opinion for Fexinidazole Winthrop (fexinidazole), the first oral-only medicine (tablets) for the treatment of human African trypanosomiasis,... read more

ESICON 2018 Updates

Digital Diabetology: Daily practicalities: Unnikrishnan AG, Pune

  • Trust your patient, but do not let that stop you from verifying records if a discrepancy is noted.
  • Rule out other causes of false rise in HbA1c.... read more

Management of neuroendocrine tumours (NETS): Dr Karel Pacak, USA

  • Classification of NETs – Carcinoids and gastroenteropancreatic tumors (GEPs); Chromaffin cell tumors; Multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN)1-, MEN2-, neurofibromatosis (NF)1-related NETs; Medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC); Poorly differentiated small cell carcinoma; NETs of unknown origin. .... read more

Teneligliptin: Recent Evidences; Dr Sujoy Ghosh

  • Teneligliptin is a specific DPP-4 inhibitor with dual excretion through hepatic and renal routes.
  • No dose adjustment is required in hepatic (mild and moderate) or renal dysfunction. .... read more

PN Shah Oration - In-hospital management of diabetes mellitus: Dr Arpan Dev Bhattacharya

  • Diabetes control in hospital is important.
  • The target needs to be clear... read more

Thyroid microcarcinomas – To treat or not: Dr Bipin Kumar Sethi, Hyderabad

  • Increasing surveillance has led to detection of many thyroid nodules that the patients would have lived (and died) happily with!
  • Detection of a nodule should not lead to further work up (FNAC) unless otherwise indicated... read more
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