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19th November 2016
We must congratulate our-self for a successful Satyagraha on 16th November. 

The outcome was beyond our expectations. Over one lac members have signed the petition online and over 600 places had physical Satyagraha with over 300 press clippings.
  • As discussed at CWC,  IMA we will give 6 weeks to the Central Government to respond. In the mean time
  • We must continue sensitization of our members and medical students
  • Continue political lobbying with MPs  of both ruling & opposition parties.
  • Continue media sensitization with contents focused on common man.
  • National & State leaders must initiate discussions, debates in National & Regional TVs on the 6 issues we are fighting for.
  • Continue signing the petition
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1. Loss of rounded contour of shoulder.
2. Loss of sensation along lateral side of upper arm.
3. Loss of overhead abduction.
4. Atrophy of deltoid muscle. 
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Tips to stay healthy this winter 

New Delhi, November 18, 2016: Winter comes with its own share of health hazards. Keeping this in mind, it is essential to educate Delhi residents on ways in which they can protect themselves from diseases and enjoy the cold temperatures. 
Speaking about the importance of staying healthy during the winter months,
Padma Shri Awardee Dr. KK Aggarwal- President HCFI and National President Elect IMA said, "It is a known fact that the number of deaths due to heart attacks, cardiac arrests and strokes increase during the winters. There are several reasons for this; firstly the reduction in the daylight hours affects the hormonal balance of the body and causes Vitamin D deficiency a common trigger for heart attacks. Additionally, cold temperatures cause the heart arteries to condense thereby restricting the blood and oxygen flow to the heart. This often causes a rise in the blood pressure.
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