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  Editorial …

19th October 2011, Wednesday

How often should one get blood pressure checks done?

  1. First BP should be checked at age four.
  2. Subsequent BP should be checked at age 10, than twice between the age 10 and 20; thrice between the age 20 and 30 and then yearly from age 30 onwards.
  3. Once drugs are started, a monthly follow up should be done until the BP is controlled.
  4. Once the blood pressure is controlled one should have a follow up visit at 3- to 6-months interval.
  5. More frequent visits are required if the initial blood pressure was more than 160/100 mm hg or the patient has complicating co-morbid conditions.
  6. One should monitor serum potassium and creatinine (blood test for kidneys) yearly.
  7. If accelerated hypertension (very high blood pressure) with acute target-organ damage (encephalopathy, heart attack, unstable chest pain, lung congestion, eclampsia, paralysis, head trauma, life-threatening arterial bleeding, or aortic dissection) is detected, one should get hospitalized immediately. 8. Accelerated hypertension with no acute target organ damage usually does not require hospitalization, but it requires immediate attention and combination oral anti hypertensive therapy.

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Dr KK Aggarwal
Group Editor in Chief

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How often should one get blood pressure checks

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    Photo Feature (from the HCFI Photo Gallery)

18th MTNL Perfect Health Mela 2011 – Drum Jam Show with Roberto Narain

A Live Drum Jam Night was organised at Amphi Theatre, Ansal Plaza, New Delhi, Supporter- International Oncology (Launch of Campaign: Be Breast Aware) as a part of the ongoing 18th MTNL Perfect Health Mela

Dr K K Aggarwal
    National News

National Conference on Insight on Medico Legal Issues – For the First time any conference was posted live on Facebook & Twitter


Chemistry has helped fight diseases'

PATNA: The three-day 11th National Convention of Chemistry Teachers, which commenced on Saturday, discussed various aspects of green chemistry and its importance to check environment and health-related problems on the first two days. Most of the scholars participating in the convention opined that studies of green chemistry must be included in the course of studies at degree and postgraduate level to create awareness among students and the common people. Delivering the keynote address, noted scholar and Royal Society of Chemistry, London, secretary R K Sharma said that chemistry has gained importance at global level. It has helped us fight many diseases which has led to an increase in lifespan, he said, adding quality of life has improved due to innovation in chemistry. (Source: TOI, Oct 17, 2011)

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Certificate courses in 2D and 3D Echocardiography/Fellowship Diploma in non invasive cardiology Contact Dr KK Aggarwal, Moolchand Medcity, email: emedinews@gmail.com

    International News

(Dr Monica and Brahm Vasudev)

More evidence confirms diet's link to mental health

In a new and burgeoning area of research, 2 new studies from Australian investigators show that diet quality can have a significant effect on mental health outcomes and may potentially have a role in preventing and treating such common illnesses as depression and anxiety. In their latest study, published online September 21 in PLoS One, principal investigator Felice Jacka, PhD, and colleagues from Deakin University and the University of Melbourne in Australia found that better diet quality was associated with better mental health in adolescents cross-sectionally and over time. Importantly, said Dr. Jacka, these findings suggest it may be possible to prevent teenage depression by ensuring adolescent diets are sufficiently nutritious, and improving diet quality may help treat depressive symptoms in this population. (Source: Medscape Medical News)

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New HIV treatment guidelines focus on comorbid conditions

The latest guidelines of the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS), released here at the society's 13th European AIDS Conference, give special emphasis to comorbid conditions that may occur in patients infected with HIV. "The contemporary challenge in HIV medicine is no longer to suppress the virus but actually to maintain health of patients with HIV, and the major focus now and the dominating reason for why people are still getting sick, even for those who are in care, is the development of various co-morbidities," said Jens Lundgren, MD, DMSc, professor in the Department of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, director of the Copenhagen HIV Program in Denmark, and chairman of the section on comorbidities of the guidelines committee. (Source: Medscape Medical News)

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AAP: Low back pain in kids rarely serious

Low back pain in adolescents usually has an undiagnosable source, resolves spontaneously, and warrants a minimalist approach to tests and imaging, analysis of a large clinical series suggested. Three-fourths of 2,846 patients had undiagnosable, or nonspecific, mechanical low back pain. The most common pathology associated with low back pain was spondylolysis, which accounted for less than 7% of cases and did not change the conservative approach to follow-up. (Source: Medscape Medical News)

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@DrKKAggarwal: I posted a new photo to Facebook http://fb.me/1ljCxFvXL

@DeepakChopra: Genes, neurons & enlightenment --conversations with @rudytanzihttp://bit.ly/pK77m6

    Spiritual Update

(Dr KK Aggarwal, Group Editor in Chief, IJCP Group of Publications and eMedinews)

The Essence of Vedanta

Dr Karan Singh, a Vedanta Scholar based on his teachings on Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy in one of the talks summarized the essence of Vedas and Upanishads in the following six statements.

  1. God exists. God is all pervasive, eternal force which cannot be burnt by fire, cut by a weapon, wetted by water or dried by air. This energized information-based external force is called Brahman.
  2. That the consciousness within us is the localized version of the same Brahman and is called soul

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    An Inspirational Story

(Ms Ritu Sinha)

Look Fear in the Face

Look fear in the face. Be brave and bold. Don't be scared of the unknown. Accept your own wrongdoings as an opportunity to search deep within your soul. This way, you cannot blame others for your problems.

Be strong my child, admit defeat and always stand tall with dignity and pride. Allow your tribulations to become your guide for new found wisdom. Don't look back with regret; move forward with positive thoughts about the good and bad.

Be slow to speak and listen openly to what others have to say with respect. Remember you have a choice to make. Live negatively or positively; the choice is only dependent upon you.

You are sent to this world for a reason; a gift to others and remember always you have a special purpose so never give up but move straight ahead with love, peace, forgiveness, and strength!

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    Fitness Update

(Contributed by Rajat Bhatnagar, International Sports & Fitness Distribution, LLC, http://www.isfdistribution.com)

Neurology: Aging's effect on the brain

The researchers discovered that under stressful conditions, such as neurodegeneration, the resulting high energy forms of damaging oxygen cause synapses to grow excessively, potentially contributing to dysfunction. Such stresses occur during neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Laboratory modelling was carried out using Drosophila, but similar pathways are present in humans. The scientists studied the responses using a model of lysosomal storage disease, an inherited incurable childhood neurodegeneration where enlarged synapses have been observed, but the role that growth has in disease progression and brain function is not yet clear. Doctor Sean Sweeney, of the Department of Biology at the University of York, said: "The findings have strong implications for neuronal function as brains age, and will add significantly to our understanding of neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease."

Doctor Iain Robinson, of the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, added: "Neuronal contacts in the brain are constantly changing. These changes in the brain enable us to form short term memories such as where we parked the car, or longer term memories, such as what is our pin number for the cash point machine. Our work sheds light on how our brain becomes less able to make these changes in neuronal contacts as we age and helps explain the loss of neuronal contacts seen in several neurodegenerative diseases."

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    Malaria Update

AC Dhariwal, Hitendrasinh G Thakor, Directorate of NVBDCP, New Delhi

What the National Drug Policy of India says

Short-term chemoprophylaxis (up to 6 weeks)

Doxycycline: 100 mg once daily for adults and 1.5 mg/kg once daily for children (contraindicated in children below 8 years). The drug should be started 2 days before travel and continued for 4 weeks after leaving the malarious area.

Note: It is not recommended for pregnant women and children less than 8 years.

Chemoprophylaxis for longer stay (> 6 weeks)

Mefloquine: 250 mg weekly for adults and should be administered 2 weeks before, during and 4 weeks after exposure. It is contraindicated in individuals with history of convulsions, neuropsychiatric problems and cardiac conditions. Therefore, necessary precautions should be taken and all should undergo screening before prescribing it.

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    Medicine Update

(Dr. Neelam Mohan, Director Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Liver Transplantation, Medanta – The Medicity)

Should genotype testing be done on all chronic hepatitis B?

Recent data suggest that the HBV genotypes may play an important role in the progression of HBV–related liver disease as well as response to interferon therapy. Studies from Asia found that HBV genotype B is associated with HBeAg seroconversion at the earlier age, more sustained remission after HBeAg seroconversion, less active hepatic necroinflammation, a slower rate of progression to cirrhosis and a lower rate of HCC development compared to genotype C. Another study of peg IFN– reported that genotype A but not genotype B was associated with a higher rate of HBeAg seroconversion. Studies of nucleoside analogue therapies have not shown any relation between HBV genotypes and response. Thus, additional data on the relation between HBV genotypes and treatment response are needed before testing for HBV genotypes in clinical practice is recommended.

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  Lab Update

(Dr Arpan Gandhi and Dr Navin Dang)

T3 uptake

This test measures the amount of thyroxine–binding globulin (TBG) in the patient’s serum. When TBG is increased, T33 uptake is decreased, and vice versa. T3 uptake does not measure the level of T3 or T4 in serum.

  • Increased T3 uptake (decreased TBG) in euthyroid patients is seen in chronic liver disease, protein–losing states, and with use of the following drugs: androgens, barbiturates, bishydroxycoumarin, chlorpropamide, corticosteroids, danazol, d–thyroxine, penicillin, phenylbutazone, valproic acid, and androgens. It is also seen in hyperthyroidism.
  • Decreased T3 uptake (increased TBG) may occur due to the effects of exogenous estrogens (including oral contraceptives), pregnancy, acute hepatitis, and in genetically–determined elevations of TBG. Drugs producing increased TBG include clofibrate, lithium, methimazole, phenothiazines, and propylthiouracil. Decreased T3 uptake may occur in hypothyroidism.

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  Legal Question of the Day

(Contributed by Dr MC Gupta, Advocate)

My daughter-in-law graduated from Nepal. She passed the MCI examination and was granted registration by the MCI on 5th September 2008. Based on this she was employed in Karnataka briefly and subsequently also registered with the Karnataka Medical Council. She is now in the UK, having passed her PLAB examination and is awaiting registration with the General Medical council. However, they need a certificate of good standing from MCI. She had applied for the same through Karnataka Medical Council and was issued a certificate of good standing based on the Karnataka registration and date. However, as her MCI registration predates her Karnataka registration the General Medical Council is insisting on a certificate bearing the date and number of her MCI registration. This was explained to the MCI at the time of application, however they have simply issued it based on her Karnataka registration.

My query is - is not the MCI bound to issue a certificate of good standing to anyone who is registered with it? How does one get it?


  1. The basic fault here is that when she was registered with the MCI, there was no need to get registered with a State Medical Council. The law is that a doctor registered with any State Medical Council can practice anywhere in India. She unnecessarily got registered with the State Medical Council. If the employer in Karnataka insisted on registration with the SMC, the right thing would have been to point out the law to them and if they still insist, to file a writ petition against them, making the SMC and the MCI and the State Health Directorate as respondents. The writ petition is sure to succeed. If even one such writ petition is filed, this menace would end for all doctors in the state for ever. This being a public cause, the state IMA should take the lead in filing such writ petition. It is unfortunate that doctors and their associations prefer to accept an illegality rather than fight it. There are several other examples whereby it has been observed that doctors keep on crying but do not take any concrete action to defend their rights.
  2. The stand of the General Medical Council of England/Great Britain is quite logical and cannot be faulted.
  3. The action of the MCI in not giving a certificate of good standing from the date of her registration with the MCI is illogical and legally challengeable.
  4. What you should do is as follows:
    • Send a proper (which means, legally drafted) request/representation to the MCI requesting them to issue the concerned certificate within 3 weeks.
    • If the MCI does not take satisfactory action, file a writ petition in the High Court in Bangalore or Delhi.

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    IJCP Special

Dr Good Dr Bad

Situation: A patient had a break of policy for two days.
Dr. Bad: You will have to go for new policy now.
Dr. Good: Your old policy should be continued.
Lesson: Cumulative bonus provisions are applicable only in respect of continuous insurance without break excepting, however, in exceptional circumstances, the break in period for maximum of seven days is approved as a special case subject to medical examination and explanation of diseases contracted during the break period.

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Make Sure

Situation: A 20–year–old college student complained of dysuria, frequency and pyuria.
Reaction: Oh my God! Why did you not advise macrolide?
Lesson: Make sure to remember that macrolide are very effective against E. coli, S. saprophyticus and C. trachomatis infection.

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  Quote of the Day

(Dr GM Singh)

Every greatdream begins with a dreamer. always remember, you have within you the strength , the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.--Harriet Tubman


Pulling your leg: Tricking someone as a joke.

    Mind Teaser

Read this…………………

Which of the following is the most common cause of death in Crohn's disease of small intestine?

a) Malignancy
b) Sepsis
c) Electrolyte Disorders
d) Thromboembolic phenomenon

Yesterday’s Mind Teaser: The ideal treatment of alkaline reflux gastritis after Billroth I and Billroth II gastrectomy is

a) Conversion of Billroth I to Billroth II
b) Roux en Y gastrojejunostomy
c) Total gastrectomy
d) Conservative management

Answer for yesterday’s Mind Teaser: b) Roux en Y gastrojejunostomy

Correct answers received from: Dr Sukla Das, Dr PC Das, Dr Uma Vasanth, Dr Jainendra Upadhyay, Muthumperumal Thirumalpillai, Dr K.Raju, Anil Bairaria, Neelam Nath.

Answer for 17th October Mind Teaser: Creation of a neovagina
Correct answers received from: Neelam Nath, Muthumperumal Thirumalpillai, Dr K Raju.

Send your answer to ijcp12@gmail.com

    Laugh a While


Three guys and a lady were sitting at the bar talking about their professions. The first guy says, "I'm a Y.U.P.P.I.E, you know... Young, Urban, Professional, Peaceful, Intelligent, Ecologist." The second guy says, "I'm a D.I.N.K, you know... Double Income, No Kids." The third guy says, "I'm a R.U.B, you know... Rich, Urban, Biker." They turn to the woman and ask her, "What are you?" She replies, "I'm a WIFE, you know... Worries Invited For Ever...........

    Medicolegal Update

(Dr Sudhir Gupta, Additional Prof, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, AIIMS)

Most important advances in the arena of medical practice have been the use of technologies.

  • Medical professionals today rely on a number of different types of equipment every day, from heart defibrillators to IV pumps to CT scans to automated breathing apparatuses. When any of these devices fail, the results can be disastrous, resulting in the injury or death of a patient.
  • When the medical devices fail, as all machines generally have a tendency to do, the risks have major consequences and are dangerous for human health.
  • Medical equipment failure can result from both manufacturing defects or human error i.e. it was used incorrectly by the medical staffer involved and the concept of product liability develops.
  • Medical professionals should keep a constant eye on the equipment/s to ensure that it is working properly and be adequately trained to use the device safely.
  • A register of maintenance of medical equipment must be maintained with signature of all stake holders for record. Failure to do so is a form of negligence that places the hospital and its staff at liability.

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    Public Forum

(Press Release for use by the newspapers)

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Organise Health Melas in every JJ cluster

In a message for the 18th MTNL Perfect Health Mela, Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi said that health mela concept now has established as a low-cost awareness module for creating health awareness and such melas should be organized in every JJ clusters on regular basis.

Dr. Ashok Walia, Health Minister, Govt. of Delhi said that heart disease, diabetes and hypertension are new epidemics of the society and to control them, regular lifestyle interventions should be started in the school and early college age. Dr. Walia further said that the seeds of lifestyle disorders are bowed during adolescence and require a consistent motivational change in school and college education.

Prof. Kiran Walia, Social Welfare Minister, Government of Delhi said that both smoking and alcohol are menace to the society. Smoking in any form is harmful to the health and alcohol beyond permissible limit can cause not only damage to the social life but also to the liver and even cause many cancers.

Smt. Rajni Abbi, Mayor of Delhi, said that women in the society should be involved in health education and implementing health prevention strategies. She also emphasized on the role of adult vaccination to reduce menace of preventable disease in old age.

Addressing a gathering of over 2000 people at Siri Fort Auditorium, Padmashri & Dr. B.C. Roy National Awardee, Dr. KK Aggarwal, President Heart Care Foundation of India and Perfect Health Mela, said that to curb the lifestyle disorders, Government should come out with a scheme of sensitizing and regulating food industry so as to limit the intake of transfats and common salt in commercially available food and beverages.

Sh. Anshu Prakash, IAS, Principal Secretary (Health & Family Welfare), Government of Delhi, said that health is not mere absence of disease but a state of physical, mental, social, spiritual and environmental wellbeing.

Ms Archana Arora, Chairperson, NDMC said that one should treat all the city parks as personal farmhouses, Metro as personal limousines and Yamuna river as personal swimming pool. It will help in keeping the city clean.

Mr. Kuldeep Singh, CMD, MTNL and Mr Shuman Mukherjee Director Commercial SAIL in a joint statement said that most doctors should use electronic communications with their patients to reduce chances of medical errors.

Dr. P.K. Sharma from NDMC and Dr. N.K. Yadav from MCD, Dr. N.V. Kamath from DHS and Dr. B P Singh Advisor & Head, RVPSP, DST, in a joint statement said that one should walk at least 10000 steps every day.

Shri N.B. Sathe, Zonal Manager (North) from LIC and Shri Deepak Jolly, Vice President Coka Cola India Ltd in a joint statement said that one should go for an annual medical checkup. One should treat human body like an expensive car and have it regularly serviced.

Sh SP Aggarwal, Former Pr. Secretary Health and Family welfare and Dr. T Meinya, MP Lok Sabha, in a joint statement said that most life style diseases are preventable.

The invited guest of honours for the function were Dr T Ramasami, Secretary, DST, GOI, Sh T Chatterjee, Secretary, Ministry of Environment & Forests, GOI; Sh A P Frank Noronha, DG DAVP, GOI; Sh. Anil Kumar, Secretary, AYUSH GOI; Sh. R. Chandramohan, Pr. Secretary cum Commissioner, Transport Department; Sh. Keshav Chandra, Secretary, Dept. of Environment; Sh. SS Gupta, Dev Comm. Handicrafts, GOI; Sh. Satish Upadhaya, Vice President BJP Delhi State Unit, Sh. G G Saxena, CMD, DTDC; Sh Vivek Kumar Trustee, Brij Rama Foundation, Sh. Lila Dhar Mandloi, DG All India Radio; Dr AK Agarwal, President, DMC; Dr Vinod Khetrapal, President, DMA; Sh Sandeep Marwah, Chairman, AAFT and Sh. Rajendra Gupta Former, Transport Minister Delhi

The special guests for the function were Sh. Jayadev Sarangi, Special Secretary Health; Sh. Santosh D. Vaidya Secretary, NDMC; Sh. Manjit Singh, ED MTNL; Ms Achla Singh, Special Secretary, Health, Sh Sudhir Kumar, Special Secretary, Health, Sh S S Sidhu, Addl. Secretary, Health; Sh. H R Sharma, Jt Secretary, Health; Dr A C Dhariwal Director, NVBDCP, Sh. V K Jain, Controller, Weights & Measures, Sh BMS Rathore, Jt Secretary, MOEF, GOI; Sh. Rakesh Mehta, Advisor, MOEF, GOI; Sh. K.S. Singh, Commissioner PFA; Sh Rajiv Kale, Director WCD (Prohibition) Delhi; Mrs Vidhu Verma, RM LIC; Dr M Sudhakar, Scientist G, Ministry of Earth Science, Sh KS Dhatwalia Addl. Director General, DAVP, Dr P K Sharma MOH, NDMC; Sh Anuj Sinha, Director, Vigyan Prasar, DST; Dr B P Singh, Advisor, NCSTC, DST; Sh. Praveen Aggarwal, GM, Coca Cola Ltd; Dr N K Yadav, MHO, MCD; Dr N V Kamat, Director Health Services, Delhi; Sh Mohan Lal, Director, ISM & H; Dr DK Dewan, Director, Family Welfare, Sh. F.O. Hashmi, Project Director, DSACS; Ms Madhu Garg, Drug Controller, Delhi; OP Khandelwal, Advisor PHM; Sh B P Srinivasn, Director, DIPSAR, Sh. S P Singh, Spl Commissioner, VAT. Delhi, Sh. Gulshan Rai, MD, Diamond Comics; Ms. Nalini, Kathak Exponents; Ms. Kamalini, Kathak Exponents; Sh. Ashok Chakardhar; Sh. Hari & Smt Sukhmani; Sh. Roberto Narain, Sh M C Maurya, Head of Office, DIP; Sh. Alok Mehta, Editor, Nai Dunia, Sh. Rajiv Srivastav Editor Deshbandhu, Sh. QW Naqvi, News Director, Aaj Tak, Sh. K Kumar, CMD, Shakti Bhog, Sh. Satish Goel, Chairman, MMC; Dr Veena Aggarwal, Joint MD, IJCP Group; Sh. Mahesh Khandelwal, Director, PHM, Sh Anil Jaju, Director, PHM, Sh. K Sareen, Advisor HCFI, Sh R K Karwa, President, Friends of Tribal Society, Sh. K D Baheti, President, All India Vaish Federation, Delhi Pradesh, Prof. S S Agrawal, Advisior, PHM; Dr K S Baghotia, CMO, DHS, Delhi; Dr Ramesh Kumar, CMO, NDMC; Sh A G Bhatnagar, Advisor, PHM, Mohammad Rahman, ADG, AADHAR, Mrs. Anuvinda Varkey, General Secretary, YWCA, Sh M C Wankhede, Dy. Commissioner, Transport; Sh Anil Mittal, Advisor PHM; Sh Pawan Kumar Gupta, President, Marwari Yuva Manch, and Dr Pawan Gupta, coordinator PHM.

The inauguration was followed by a lively Kavi Sammellan by Ashok Chakradhar Group and a live musical function by Hari & Sukhmani Group.

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    Readers Responses
  1. Many Many thanks for your emedinews. It is very useful. God bless all your good works. Regards and best wishes. Dr Bellarmine Mascarenhas. Coimbatore.
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Different locations in Delhi
19th–23rd October
Venue: NDMC Ground, Opp. Indira Nari Niketan Working Girls Hostel
Near Philanji Village, Laxmibai Nagar, New Delhi
Theme: Science Behind Rituals

Dr K K Aggarwal
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