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18th May, 2017
Enough is Enough: Dilli Chalo on 6th June
Dear Colleague
IMA has declared "Dilli Chalo" movement on the 6th of June to bring to the attention of the nation regarding atrocities faced by the medical profession.
The charter of demands is as follows. Kindly go through these and suggest more and also suggest modifications in the existing ones. We want to cover all segments of the medical profession (specialities, service doctors, residents, junior doctors, students, practitioners, consultants etc.). 
How come the government and the celebrities are watching violence against doctors without any empathetic response?
    Make violence against health care providers a non-bailable act with minimum 14 years imprisonment

How come, gradually and now consistently, modern medicine doctors are increasingly being tried as criminals? We are not against accountability but not to be tried under criminal provisions.
    We want a single window accountability under the council or under a central tribunal.
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IMA and HCFI propose the Rule of 20 in identifying factors associated with hypertension
On World Hypertension Day, IMA and HCFI call for understanding the numbers, and also taking a step forward in identifying and managing the symptoms

New Delhi, 17 May 2017: About one-third of India's urban population and one-fourth of the rural population are hypertensive, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Hypertension. It has been found that high blood pressure is responsible for almost half the ischemic strokes that are also called brain attacks, akin to a heart attack. It also increases the chances of hemorrhagic strokes. 
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