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21st February 2017

Fruit form affects glycemic response after meals
The beneficial effects of fruits and vegetables on health are well-established. Reiterating this, a new study from Singapore published February 15, 2017 in the Journal of Nutrition Health and Aging, the journal of the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society says that fruits are a valuable source of nutrient regardless of the form of delivery in elderly and young adults.
The study evaluated the effect of two fruits, guava and papaya in two different forms i.e. bite size and puree on glycemic response (GR) in 19 healthy participants comprising of nine elderly and 10 young adults. The study subjects consumed glucose (reference food) on three occasions and test fruits (guava bites, guava puree, papaya bites, and papaya puree) on one occasion each. All fruit forms and types studied were found to be low glycemic index (GI) (guava bites: 29; papaya bites: 38; papaya puree: 42; guava puree: 47). The glycemic response was significantly greater in the elderly compared to that observed in the young participants
The study concluded that fruit form influences glycemic response in the elderly and young adults; however, all fruit types and forms studied were found to be low GI.
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