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17th March, 2017
Write NLEM drugs

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined 'essential medicines' as those that satisfy the priority health care needs of the population. The WHO also says that the essential medicines should be available "at all times in adequate amounts, in the appropriate dosage forms, with assured quality, and at a price the individual and the community can afford".

The Alma Ata Declaration adopted by the World Health Assembly in 1978 was the first international declaration, a milestone, which brought primary health care to the forefront. It outlined provision of essential drugs as one of the essential components of primary health care. In the same year, the World Health Assembly passed a Resolution urging Member States to establish national lists of essential medicines and adequate procurement systems.
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IMA: Strict and swift action required against assault on doctors

Dhule doctor brutally manhandled, IMA demands strict action against assaulters

 New Delhi, March 16, 2017: Another incidence of doctor beaten up by unruly mob was witnessed on the day of Holi, where a bunch (25-30 people) of patient's relatives brutally manhandled Dr. Rohan Mhamunkar, Resident Orthopedics Department, SBH GMC, Dhule (Maharashtra). The Indian Medical Association has strongly condemned this act and has demanded strict action against such unacceptable heinous act of the relatives of the patient.

 Dr Rohan was beaten up so badly, that he was left with fractures of orbital bones, severe eye injury and may even lose his vision. Due to his critical condition Dr Rohan was referred to Mumbai for further treatment.
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