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16th June, 2017
IMA Alcohol policy for all
Doctors are "Brand Ambassadors of Health", and as part of our professional responsibilities, we not only take care of the health needs of our patients, but also that of the community by advocacy of various public health issues. We prescribe a healthy lifestyle to our patients and emphasize upon them the need to adopt healthy habits and lifestyle.
'Practice What You Preach' is an age-old saying. Doctors have a responsibility to put into practice themselves what they teach their patients about healthy lifestyle. It is also important that we maintain our dignity before the patients, a dictum also laid down in the MCI Code of ethics regulations, which says that "A physician shall uphold the dignity and honour of his profession (1.1.1)".
A patient should be able to trust his doctor and have confidence in him. Any public display of "undignified" behavior erodes the trust in the doctor and gives a bad name to the profession.
IMA has formulated an alcohol policy for all its members to follow.
  • Both 1st July and 5th September are dry days and no alcohol should be served in any function as a mark of respect.
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IMA demands zero tolerance and stringent law against quackery
  • Lack of awareness on the recognized and registrable systems of medicine
  • Quacks endangering many lives due to zero knowledge  
New Delhi, 15 June 2017: Amidst many cases of patients in print and electronic media every day, who have suffered major health setback or even died while receiving allopathic treatment from unqualified quacks, the IMA has demanded zero tolerance for quackery in the medical profession. The Association recently concluded the Dilli Chalo movement, where one of the major demands was the formulation of a stringent, central anti-quackery law. 
Further, the IMA has urged that anyone who is not qualified or not registered, if practices a system of medicine, should be punishable for a term, which should extend up to ten years and with stringent fine. The recognized and registerble systems of medicine are modern medicine or Allopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy.
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