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16th February 2017
The eight-year cycle of Chanakya
Chanakya in his neeti wrote that the cycle of corruption does not last for more than eight years. He said that people who acquire money by unethical means will have to pay back to the society within eight years. Right or wrong, whether you believe in Chanakya Neeti or not it provides a good message for the youngsters in the society to follow the right path of truthfulness.
Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita has written that everybody has to pay the price of their bad deeds or karmas sooner or later. It is the sum total of bad and good karmas, which decides the ultimate fate. Chanakya probably meant that all those who keep on earning money by unethical means and not doing simultaneously good deeds will have to suffer within eight years.
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E-cigarettes may raise cardiovascular health risk

Chemicals like Nicotine and formaldehyde in e-cigarettes could not only damage the heart but also cause cancer.

New Delhi, Feb 15, 2017: E-cigarettes are being popularized on the basis of their relative low risks as compared to traditional cigarettes because they lack dangerous smoke, tar, and carbon monoxide. However, increasing evidence is showing that they are associated with possible heart and lung health risks. The WHO has already advocated for stricter e-cigarette regulations.
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