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15th January 2017
Social media for IMA
Execution steps for IMA on Twitter 
Goal: The basic goal is to motivate all the 2.7 lakhs members of IMA to create their profile on Twitter and start using it. Then again it is not enough to create a profile, doctors must see the Tweet they receive regularly, just like they see their phones for WhatsApp.
All members must fix their own photo in the Profile Photo space. However, all would display similar Header Photos. This big photo will display our Emblem, photo of our President with his dream projects and similar thoughts. This will create a sense of solidarity.
This army of members would serve two major proposes.
  • They will Re-tweet anything we wish to make popular and reach media such as an assault on any doctor.
  • We can easily send any medical knowledge or motivational text, photo or video to 2.7 lakhs members with a simple Tweet by IMA India account. For example, the pioneer programs such as Ask Dr KK, Dil Ki Baten, Jiska Koi Nahin Uska IMA, Walk with Doc, Main Hoon Na and others can be sent by a simple touch on your screen.
Dr KK Aggarwal
National President IMA And HCFI
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Press Release
Antibiotic-related research in India must be accelerated: IMA
Spurious use of antibiotics has resulted in several important life-saving drugs becoming obsolete. Research towards developing new antibiotics is imperative as we head towards the post-antibiotic era.

New Delhi, Jan 14, 2017: Antibiotic resistance has emerged as a global threat, and the problem is particularly stark in India. The total mortality burden of infectious diseases in India is about 416/1000 persons every year. In this scenario, simple infections have the potential to turn deadly, and the situation clearly warrants that research in antibiotic development must be accelerated.
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