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14th July, 2017
The human body too requires regular maintenance as does your car

Yesterday, I sent my car for servicing. It will be due for another service again in the next quarter. Car maintenance can be expensive, depending on the car model. Yet we accept these bills and make regular payments with no questions asked. 
Why is it important to get your car serviced? The obvious answer is to make sure that the car engine runs smoothly, utilizes fuel efficiently and does not break down on the road. In other words, so that it stays "healthy", and any faults, if detected, can be repaired timely before one is stranded on the road.
So, when we comply with the service schedule as provided by the service center, why do we not do the same for our body even though we routinely subject it to wear and tear every day? Our body is exposed to stress daily, both physical and mental, but we ignore its health.
Adopting a healthy lifestyle is one way of taking care of the body. A good diet and regular physical activity keep us healthy and there is ample scientific evidence to support this.

Dr KK Aggarwal
National President IMA & HCFI
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Do not use pools as a place to urinate, says IMA
  • Watch out for telltale signs such as a string odor before stepping into a pool 
  •  Important to follow hygienic practices to avoid infections
New Delhi, 13 July 2017: According to recent research, the smell of what many people think is chlorine in swimming pools may not be actually so. It is, instead, the smell of chemicals as the chlorine mixes with urine, feces, sweat, and dirt. Those who get a red eye and irritation after taking a dip in the pool should perhaps blame urine and not chlorine. In light of this, the IMA has advised people to not use pools as a place to urinate.
Urine combined with a lot of other waste can cause extreme dryness to the eyes as also chemical allergy. Healthy pools and water parks don't have a strong chemical smell. Research also indicates that if the pH and disinfectant levels are appropriate, this chemical mix should not spell trouble.
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