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14th June, 2017
Be a part of IMA's Blood Donation Movement

In the midst of stories of assaults on medical doctors and their establishments, National IMA team, with your support, has undertaken a herculean task of collecting more than one lakh blood component units on 1st July on the occasion of the Doctor’s Day. 
Indian Medical Association (IMA) is now community-friendly and has been engaged in activities that promote the betterment of the health of the community as well as the patients. 
India is the second most populous country in the world with a population of more than 1.2 billion. Yet, we are only 10% of the world requirement (13 million). India is a "Blood donation deficient" country with a deficit of 2 million in terms of units of blood collected.
Blood donation is a humanitarian task. So, I request all IMA members to organize blood donation camps under the banner of IMA and pledge to transform India from a "Blood donation deficient" country to "Blood donation surplus" country.
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Bogus Kangaroo Courts must be placed under the scanner, says IMA
  • Such self-proclaimed justice mongers are unwanted and destructive
  • Stringent action and central law are need of the hour
New Delhi, 13 June 2017: According to an estimate by the Indian Medical Association (IMA), over 75% of doctors across the country have faced violence in some form or the other. About 18 states across the country have laws in place to address this issue. However, doctors still continue to face the wrath of patients' kin due to inefficient implementation of these laws. A compilation of videos by IMA has shown that these attacks resemble Kangaroo courts, where when one person starts the act and the others present, whether linked to the original attacker or not, join him in ransacking the area.
Kangaroo courts can be equated to attacks that are mindless and where everyone joins the mob without knowing the facts.
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