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Editorial (Dr SS Agarwal, Dr K K Aggarwal)
14th May 2016
Sutras for sexual violence against children 
Sexual violence against children, evident or suspect, is common, preventable, punishable acute medicolegal emergency.
Educators are duty bound to address sexual violence against children, a common, preventable and punishable offence, with a timely appropriate intervention.
Sexual violence against children should be reported ethically, sensitively, non-sensationally and within the legal framework without depicting children in distress.
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A 28-year-old female from Pune asked:
I had C-section delivery 11 months ago. My tummy has not yet come to normal. It still seems I am 4-5 month pregnant. Please suggest any exercise or diet.
Dr. Niraj Mahajan, Gynaecologist, replied:
There is excess fat deposited during pregnancy in the tummy. If you continue exclusive breastfeeding to your baby, it will burn... read more
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Press Release
Indian Medical Association and Heart Care Foundation of India train nearly 200 nurses on the occasion of
World Nursing Day 2016

Organise half-day workshop in association with IMACGP, TNAI and DMA Nursing Home Forum on essential topics including home-care, child sexual abuse, effective doctor-nurse relationship, etc.
New Delhi, May 13, 2016: The Indian Medical Association along with the Heart Care Foundation of India, IMACGP, TNAI and DMA Nursing Home Forum today organised a training session for nearly 200 nurses at the Russian Cultural Centre New Delhi. The half day session which took place from 2-6pm was aimed at educating nurses about essential issues such as child sexual abuse, reducing infant mortality rate through proper newborn care, the guidelines that govern an effective doctor-nurse relationship, welcoming girl children and the increasing demand for home care for chronic patients.
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Profile of mood states and stress-related biochemical indices in long-term yoga practitioners
Long-term yoga practitioners had lower mental disturbance, tension-anxiety, anger-hostility, more
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