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14th April, 2017
IMA Campaign: Katwayega to nahi 

Ask before visiting a place "Is your place free of mosquitoes?"
Cases of dengue and Chikungunya have started to appear in the capital of India. Unfortunately, no alert has been issued and in sporadic cases, no surgical strikes have been attempted openly in selected breeding places.
Napoleon Hill once said, “Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure." It's time for all of us to convert our biggest last year's failure of controlling the mosquito menace into a success.
We must all agree that collectively we failed last year in controlling the mosquito menace and consequently Delhi again is showing cases. This is again a collective failure of Municipal Corporation, Delhi Government, Central Government, LG office, Medical Associations, CSR departments, Media, NGOs and Private sector.
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Dengue and Chikungunya hit the capital again
IMA warns of a possibly larger breakout unless immediate action is taken along with community participation

New Delhi, April 13, 2017: A recent report by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) on vector-borne diseases has revealed about 79 cases of chikungunya in the national capital this year. In the last three months, 24 cases of dengue have been reported, of which 11 patients acquired the infection from one of the neighbouring states. According to the SDMC, there were 9 new cases of chikungunya this week. All these patients were from the neighbouring states.
Although chikungunya and dengue cases had tapered off by the first week of December last year, this year has again brought back many such cases.
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