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14th November 2016
Procedure to make central legislation: Stopping of violence against doctors and Clinical Establishment 
Dear All
If the government wants they can bring central act against violence. Here is the how and why?
Questions relating to legislation (procedure to make central legislation) 
The same shall apply to Legislation against Stopping of violence against doctors and Clinical Establishment)
What is a Bill?
A Bill is the draft of a legislative proposal brought before the House for its approval.
What are the different types of Bills?
Bills initiated by Ministers are called Government Bills and those introduced by Members who are not Ministers are known as Private Members' Bills. 
Depending on their contents, Bills may further be classified broadly into (a)  Original Bills (Bills embodying new proposals, ideas or policies); (b) Amending Bills (Bills which seek to modify, amend or revise the existing Acts); (c) Consolidating Bills (Bills which seek to consolidate existing laws on a particular subject;  (d) Expiring Laws (Continuance) Bills (Bills to continue an expiring Act); (e) Repealing Bills (Bills seeking to repeal existing Acts); (f) Bills to replace Ordinances; (g) Constitution (Amendment) Bills; and (h) Money and Financial Bills.
What is the difference between a Bill and an Act?
A Bill is a draft legislative proposal before the House.  It becomes an Act only when passed by both the Houses of Parliament and assented to by the President.
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IMA Central Working committee approves IMA Satyagraha
New Delhi, Nov 13, 2016: Indian Medical association Central working Committee attended by over 350 IMA leaders from across the country, held at Chennai, unanimously passed the resolution to go ahead with the IMA Satyagraha being held in over 500 districts in India by over 1700 branches in Wednesday 16th November, International Tolerance Day. 
Giving the details Dr K K Aggarwal Honorary Secretary General said that a dharna will be organized in every district all over the country from 11 to 1 PM. In Delhi, the dharna will be organized at Jantar Mantar. 
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