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13th November 2016
Drug-resistant superbug spreads globally in cystic fibrosis patients

A multidrug-resistant superbug infection that can cause life-threatening illness in people with cystic fibrosis (CF) has spread globally and is becoming increasingly virulent, according to a UK study reported November 11, 2016 in the journal Science.  
The superbug, a species of multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium abscessus can cause severe pneumonia and may be potentially life-threatening for these patients.
In the study ‘Emergence and spread of a human-transmissible multidrug-resistant nontuberculous mycobacterium’, researchers from Cambridge and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute sequenced the genomes of more than 1,000 samples of mycobacteria from 517 cystic fibrosis patients at specialist clinics in Europe, the United States and Australia. And, it was found that most patients had acquired the transmissible forms of M. abscessus that had spread globally. 
The researchers further suggested that the infection may be transmitted within hospitals via contaminated surfaces and through the air presenting a serious challenge to infection control practices in hospitals.
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People with diabetes are at an increased risk of heart diseases, heart attacks and strokes

New Delhi, 12th Nov 2016: For people with diabetes, heart disease can be an imminent and serious health problem. Adults with diabetes are two to four times more likely to have heart disease or a stroke than adults without diabetes and at least 68 percent of people age 65 or older with diabetes die from some form of heart disease. 

Many people suffering from the disease are unaware that diabetes can put them at a greater risk of having heart problems such as a heart attack or stroke.
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