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12th September, 2017
IMS Study Group Report 
Report of the Study Group constituted by President MCI on Indian Medical Services (Part 2)
Current status  
Long awaited constitution of Indian Medical Service is pending since last three decades while it was already passed by Parliament, Committee of Chief Ministers. All suggestions to remove hurdles were also recommended by subsequent committees but every time the nodal ministry i.e. Union Ministry of Health, has scuttled the implementation. The department of personal and administrative reforms in fact notified its formation on 25th Jan 1977 but later on cancelled it, which had since then got recommended by various committees and even 5th Central Pay Commission in 1997. 
Country health system needs urgent galvanization by creation of long awaited Indian Medical Service (IMS). The chronology of events on constitution of Indian Medical & Health Service (IMHS) is as follows:
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Loneliness a growing concern among elderly in India
  • Every fifth senior citizen in the country requires psychological counselling
  • Geriatric care should focus on handling the emotional needs of the elderly as well
New Delhi, 11 September 2017: As per a study, one in every two elderly individuals suffers from loneliness in India. Additionally, every fifth senior citizen in the country requires some kind of psychological counselling. The major reason cited for this loneliness is living alone. But, other factors too contribute to loneliness at this age, such as, less interaction with family members, poor health, and social isolation. As per the IMA, a persistent feeling of loneliness among the elderly doubles the risk of developing Alzheimer's-like symptoms compared to those who felt connected to others.
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