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12th June, 2017
Kangaroo court: An unauthorized, bogus court
The Indian Medical Association (IMA) is working on analyzing the incidents of violent attacks against doctors. We have compiled the videos and have found that the attacks on doctors or medical establishments resemble the Kangaroo courts, where when one person starts the act, all present there whether or not linked to the original attacker, join in to ransack the hospital or beat up the doctors on duty and other hospital personnel.
It's like using the herd mentality, or the mob mentality or what in the local parlance is often called 'bhed chal'. Everyone else just joins the mob without even being aware of the facts. The only instigation required is a slogan 'maro doctor ko' and the rest join in.
Up till now we had seen and/heard of such attacks against thieves, eve teasers etc. But such attacks against doctors were unheard of and need to be taken seriously. The recent attack on Dr JP Agarwal in Kolkata is said to be an example where the relatives have denied knowing most of the attackers.
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Summer-related ailments resurface
90% of the cases reported are due to overexposure to heat and prevention is key, says IMA

New Delhi, 11 June, 2017: It is that time of the year again when everyone laments about the hot and sultry weather conditions. Be it students or professionals, everyone is exposed to the summer heat in some way or the other. With the weather becoming unpredictable by the day, many summer-related ailments are beginning to resurface. The IMA has cautioned people against common heat-related disorders and urged them to take preventive measures.
The country faced a terrible heat wave in 2015 which took over 2000 lives and 2016 was also the hottest year since 1901. Heat stress is a condition in which the human body experiences more heat than it can tolerate.
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