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12th January 2017
IMA Lead-free Healthy Society in India Initiative?
No level of lead exposure is safe for children. The US CDC is considering lowering its threshold for raised childhood (0-6 years) blood lead levels by 30%, from the current value of 5 to 3.5 micrograms per deciliter.
Exposure to lead, typically in peeling old paint, tainted water or contaminated soil, can cause cognitive impairment and other irreversible health impacts.
Currently specific interventions for lead poisoning start at blood levels more than =5 mcg/dL. About 50% of the worldwide burden of lead poisoning occurs in Southeast Asia. In 2004, 16% of all children in the world were estimated to have blood lead levels more than 10 mcg/dL (0.48 micromol/L) with 90% of children with elevated levels living in low-income regions.

(Contributions from Dr Venkatesh Thuppil)
Dr KK Aggarwal
National President IMA and HCFI
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'Koi dekh to nahi raha?': doctors must not engage with patients in social circles
Being the brand ambassadors of good health and habits, it professional doctors should avoid
engaging with their patients in social settings
New Delhi, Jan 11, 2017: Medicine is considered to be a noble profession. Doctors preach good habits to their patients on a daily basis. So, the public perception at large is that doctors and other medical professionals practice what they preach, i.e. they do not smoke or drink. However, this ideal picture is far from reality.
Doctors are also humans, and like all other demanding professions, a doctor's round-the-clock busy schedule deserves some social or personal time. At leisure, doctors may choose to indulge in some habits like the occasional glass of alcohol. While doing so in moderation is perfectly acceptable, but such engagement in a social setting in presence of patients may seem highly hypocritical.
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