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11th July, 2017
IMA and FOGSI join hands to create awareness about contraception

Dr KK Aggarwal, National President IMA, Dr RN Tandon, Hony Secretary General  IMA,
Dr Rishma Pai, President FOGSI 2017, Dr Hrishikesh Pai, Secretary General FOGSI 2017

Today is World Population Day, a day earmarked by the United Nations to create awareness about population issues worldwide. The importance of family planning is one such very important issue.
In a momentous occasion, 3 lakh doctors of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and 37,000 doctors of FOGSI, the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India, have joined hands to create awareness about a paradigm shift in contraception in a bid to empower women with choices available and help them to make the right choice for themselves.
There is now a basket of choices available in our country, from the irreversible tubectomy to the reversible long-acting spacing methods of contraception such as the intrauterine device (effectiveness lasting for 3-year duration or 10-year  duration) and the implants.
Injectable contraceptive has recently been added as a new contraceptive choice. 
The various methods of contraception can be categorized into three groups based on their effectiveness.
Dr KK Aggarwal
National President IMA & HCFI
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Blood donation camps organized by hospitals and NGOs are usually whole blood donation camps. However, the current requirement is that no camp should be organized as a 'whole blood donation' camp but as a components-only blood donation camp.
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