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11th June, 2017
It's not a time to celebrate: We are in pain
Invitation vs Information: IMA speaks with one voice
'IMA Dilli Chalo: Enough is enough' movement held in the national capital was a historical success and witnessed a record participation of doctors from across the country. 

Yet, few doctors felt that they had not been invited to participate in the movement. 

Here, we must take cognizance of the difference between invitation and information.
Invitations are issued to celebrate a happy occasion, while information is given for any mishap or sad event.

The 'IMA Dilli Chalo' movement was not a happy occasion. It was an expression of the pain and the misery of the medical profession in the country.

Information about the movement was issued at regular intervals. We even expressed our distress to the Hon'ble Prime Minister through advertisement in the leading newspapers of the country.

Islam regards each individual as 'khuda ka banda'. In the event of a death, they join the family without asking who that person was or even questioning themselves as to why they should be a part of that event.

Dosti Ke Nam Pe Diwane Chale Aate Hain.
Shama Ke Piche Parwane Chale Aate Hain. 
Tumhe Yad Na Aayee Khair. Aana Meri Maut Par.
Us Din To Begane Bhi Chale Aate Hain.
 All should be one in times of misery and pain...
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New Delhi, 10 June 2017: According to a recent analysis of government data, India has shortage of 35 tanker-trucks of blood required for medical procedures. While this is definitely a cause for concern, what is even more alarming is that in some states, excess of blood is leading to wastage. Data also indicates that India has 2,708 blood banks. However, 81 districts still lack one. 
With this as the backdrop, the IMA has urged that there is a need to create a culture of regular donations. Giving blood every three months will increase blood supply as well as blood safety.
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