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11th  December 2016
Are you being blamed of commercialization?

Most doctors are honest. It's only a minority who bring a bad name to the entire profession.
In Samira Kohli vs Dr. Prabha Manchanda and Anr, SCI Appeal (Civil) No. 1949 of 2004, 16.01.2008, the Supreme Court of India has observed:
"27. On the other hand, we have the Doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and clinics in the private commercial sector. There is a general perception among the middle class public that these private hospitals and doctors prescribe avoidable costly diagnostic procedures and medicines, and subject them to unwanted surgical procedures, for financial gain. The public feel that many doctors who have spent a crore or more for becoming a specialist, or nursing homes which have invested several crores on diagnostic and infrastructure facilities, would necessarily operate with a purely commercial and not service motive; that such doctors and hospitals would advise extensive costly treatment procedures and surgeries, where conservative or simple treatment may meet the need; and that what used to be a noble service oriented profession is slowly but steadily converting into a purely business.
28.    But unfortunately not all doctors in government hospitals are paragons of service, nor fortunately, all private hospitals/doctors are commercial minded. There are many a doctor in government hospitals who do not care about patients and unscrupulously insist upon 'unofficial' payment for free treatment or insist upon private consultations.
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Heart Attack symptoms in women and elderly are different

New Delhi, 10th December 2016: Winter is the month for heart attacks and the symptoms in women and the elderly may be different, warns Padma Shri Awardee Dr. KK Aggarwal - President HCFI and National President Elect IMA
  • Chest pain is still the most common sign of a heart attack for most women but women are more likely than men to have symptoms other than chest pain or discomfort when experiencing a heart pain. In a study published in Archives of Internal Medicine researchers examined 35 years of research that yielded 69 studies and found that, between 30 and 37 percent of women did not have chest discomfort during a heart attack. In contrast, 17 to 27 percent of men did not experience chest discomfort.
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