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11th  October 2016
The Allopathic Ramayana
Navratras to Diwali is the season of revisiting the messages from Ramayana, the largest epic of our country once classified as one of the Puranas.

One can understand the story of Ramayana as the story of mind, body and soul and the story of causation and prevention of a disease. In the mind, body, soul concept, the soul is represented as Rama and the physical body as Sita. Body is made up of five elements with earth being the predominant. Sita was the daughter of earth (prithvi).

Soul and body can only unite in presence of a determined mind holding them together. Determination means “aim” and in Hindi it is called “lakshya”. The mind with a defined aim, therefore, represents “Lakshmana”.
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Deepika Padukone Launches Nationwide Mental Health Program 
The setting-Kamal Mahal, Maurya Hotel Delhi, an epitome of luxury. The occasion- the launch of Love Live Laugh foundation.
There is an air of subdued excitement as invited guests and members of the press walk in and mingle over a cup of tea. The buzz and hush is very palpable as all eyes keep looking at the door just waiting for the founder of Live Love Laugh foundation, Deepika Padukone to walk in.

One might ask- what relation does depression have with this beautiful, ethereal, stunning, talented and famous goddess of the Bollywood industry? She has everything- beauty, money, fame - what more does she want? This is just a fad of the rich and famous most would say. And that's where they are wrong in their perception of depression.
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"Dobara Poocho" says TLLLF, urging Indians to reach out to those with mental health challenges 
- India's First Nationwide Public Awareness Campaign on Mental Health Launched on World Mental Health Day 
New Delhi, October 10, 2016: The Live Love Laugh Foundation (TLLLF) today unveiled the country's first nationwide public awareness campaign on mental health aiming to bring conversations around mental health into the mainstream, and inspire people to reach out to those who could be suffering from mental disorders.
The campaign has been designed by McCann Worldgroup and uses the tag-line Dobara Poocho (Ask Again). It was launched as part of World Mental Health Day celebrations in the nation's capital, in the presence of Smt. Anupriya Patel, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.
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