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10th June, 2017
IMA to organize "Only components" Blood Donation Camps on 1st of every month starting 1st July

Dear Colleague

First of all, our heartiest compliments for being a part of IMA Dilli Chalo movement, which saw the biggest ever spontaneous congregation of medicos from all corners of India defying all calculations for the purpose of fighting for our legitimate demands.

We also must engage ourselves, in community-friendly projects, which re-enhance our image in the society. Blood donation camps can be one such activity.

Normally National health days are observed once a year. We propose all IMA days to be now monthly days instead of annual events, starting with the Blood Donation Day.  

Many IMA branches keep organising blood donation camps. So, why not concentrate all our efforts on the 1st day of every month?

IMA is proposing to mark the '1st day of every month' as "IMA Blood Donation Day".

We will make it a regular feature starting from the Doctors Day on 1st July this year and pledge to transform India to a "Blood Donation Surplus" country from a "Blood Donation Deficient" country.
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Death due to low birth weight one of the highest in India
About 13 African countries have better infant mortality than India

New Delhi, 09 June 2017: According to statistics, as many as 700,000 newborns die in India each year. This accounts for 26% of neo-natal deaths in the world, as per UNICEF.  The Causes of Death Statistics report by the census office indicates that in India, of all infants who died before they completed 29 days post-birth, about 48.1% suffered from low birth weight (LBW) and premature birth. 
Death during the first 28 days of life is called as neo-natal mortality. In India, the death of every other newborn can be attributed to either LBW or premature delivery.
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