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10th April 2018
Hospital to charge medical representatives for visits

Dr KK Aggarwal, Recipient of Padma Shri

Medica Superspecialty Hospital in Kolkata has announced a levy of charges on medical representatives visiting its facility. The hospital has restricted the visit of a medical representative to only one day a week against a charge of Rs 350/- for three hours. Beyond this, Rs 100 per hour will be levied. A hospital in Delhi is already doing this, charging Rs 5000 per month.

The decision was aimed at discouraging MRs from visiting the hospital. The plea given is that the hospital wants to promote generic drugs.

eMedinews does not agree with this. It’s like taking away the freedom of the doctors. The knowledge about drug updates, side effects and new drug interventions that the medical representative shares is important for doctors,.... read more

Top News

Govt. bans use of antibody test kits to diagnose malaria

The Health Ministry has prohibited the manufacture for sale, sale and distribution of the test kits used in Antibody Detecting Rapid Diagnostic Tests for routine diagnosis of malaria after it was found that the test was triggering false alarms. As per the notification, although the test is economical, the false positive rates in endemic areas were high..... read more

Breaking News

In a first, Kerala issues protocol to confirm brain death

The Kerala government has issued protocols to be followed to confirm brain death cases with an aim to make organ transplantation more transparent in the state.
"It is for the first time that a state in the country is putting in place the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to confirm brain death cases," Health Minister KK Shylaja has said..... read more

Doctor penalised for improper eye surgery

The Maharashtra Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission has recently pulled up a Mulund-based ophthalmologist, Dr Ashlesh Gala, for a botched up cataract surgery which resulted in the loss of vision for one of his patient. The forum held that the doctor failed to take the preliminary precautions of conducting the mandatory medical tests for the consumer which resulted in vision-loss in one eye..... read more

Morning Medtalks

Morning Medtalks with Dr K K Aggarwal 9th April 2018

1. Any form of CPR is better than no CPR. It is important that the center of the chest is compressed hard and fast, and till the same is being done, you are increasing the chances of saving someones life..... read more

Practice Updates

Rucaparib approved for maintenance treatment in recurrent ovarian cancer

The US FDA has now approved rucaparib for maintenance treatment of adult patients with recurrent epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal cancer..... read more

New-onset postop AF associated with lower risk of thromboembolism

In a study published online March 28, 2018 in JAMA Cardiology that compared 2108 patients with new onset postoperative atrial fibrillation (AF) after CABG surgery with 8432 matched patients with nonvalvular AF, postoperative AF.... read more

Depression negatively impacts heart and stroke patients

Depression, even when undiagnosed, can have many negative effects on cardiovascular patients, including poor healthcare experiences, more use of healthcare resources and higher health costs, according to preliminary research presented April 7, 2018at the American Heart Association’s Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Scientific Sessions 2018 in Arlington, Virginia.... read more

Having a regular doctor reduces risk of DKA in children with type 1 diabetes

Having a regular healthcare provider - a family physician or a pediatrician - reduces the risk of risk of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in children aged 12 to 17 years with type 1 diabetes, says a study published April 9, 2018 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal..... read more

Screening for genetic variant may reduce carbamazepine-induced cutaneous ADRs

As per a study published online in JAMA Neurology on April 2, 2018, screening for the genetic variant HLA-A*31:01 may reduce the incidence of carbamazepine-induced cutaneous adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in routine clinical practice.... read more

Cyclosporine A cationic emulsion improves dry eye disease

Cyclosporine A cationic emulsion significantly improves signs and symptoms in patients with moderate-to-severe dry eye disease including patients with Sjogren's syndrome with severe dry eye disease as demonstrated in a pooled analysis of two randomized,... read more

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Lack of awareness impedes the treatment of celiac disease in India
Genetic susceptibility is a major factor in the development of this condition
New Delhi, 09th April 2018: According to statistics, celiac disease affects almost 0.7% of the world's population. In India, about six to eight million Indians are estimated to have this disease, and its prevalence in the North Indian community is 1 in 100.There is a lack of awareness about this condition and the need of the hour is to educate people.

Celiac disease is a serious autoimmune disorder that can occur in genetically predisposed people where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine. Genetics has a major role in the prevalence of this condition and therefore, children are equally susceptible to it.

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