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Dr KK Aggarwal
President, Heart Care Foundation of India; Sr Consultant Physician, Cardiologist and Dean Medical Education Moolchand Medcity; Chairman Ethical Committee Delhi Medical Council; Chairman (Delhi Chapter) International Medical Sciences Academy; Hony Director IMA AKN Sinha Institute (08–09); Hony Finance Secretary National IMA (07–08); Chairman IMA Academy of Medical Specialties (06–07); President Delhi Medical Association (05–06), President IMA New Delhi Branch (94–95, 02–04); Editor in Chief IJCP Group of Publications & Hony. Visiting Professor (Clinical Research) DIPSAR

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Department of Medicine Guidelines on Interactions with Representatives of the Health Care Products Industry

I got this guideline from Dr Brahm Vasudev form US where many cenetrs are adopting this policy now. Will some one in India start this initiative and follow?


  • Social science literature is clear that acceptance of any gift of any value is associated with an inherent obligation for reciprocity which leads to bias.
  • This bias is unintentional, even unconscious, and manifests through effects on how information is weighed in decision–making.
  • Information provided by company representatives may contain inaccuracies, omissions, or falsehoods.
  • Patients and the public overwhelmingly desire physicians to avoid any real or apparent conflicts of interest.

Limitations of policy

  • Does not cover personal time, or off–campus activities, including regional or national meetings.
  • Does not cover official CME–accredited activities.
  • Does not cover research activities.
  • Does not cover drug samples for patient use.
  • Does not cover specific training provide by device manufacturers.

Key points

  • No gifts of any kind or any value should be accepted, including no food, no pens, no notepads, no drugs for personal use.
  • No direct contact of any company representative with students, residents, or fellows. If faculty meet with representatives, learners may be present. Faculty should use this as an opportunity to model professional behavior and to teach about the potential value and bias of any information provided.
  • Representatives should meet with faculty by appointment only, and not in patient care areas unless required for the demonstration of a patient care device. Administrative staff should not give out to representatives any phone numbers, pager numbers, or email addresses for any faculty, fellows or residents. Administrative staff are not to distribute any materials from representatives into fellow or resident mailboxes or forward any email from representatives to fellows or residents. Program directors may distribute these if they feel it is worthwhile for the education of the fellows or residents.
  • Educational items must be free of any brand names or logos, and must be provided only to the program director, division chief or department chairman, whose responsibility it is to distribute them if deemed worthwhile to trainees.
  • Unrestricted grants to support educational activities or travel are allowed, but must be made to the program, division or department, and not directly to the individual.
  • Disclosure: Any financial relationships should be disclosed on the annual MCW form. Full disclosure should also be made to attendees when giving an educational talk, and to patients when discussing a treatment decision if there is a perceived conflict of interest.
  • This policy will be superseded and replaced by the MCW policy when approved.

Dr KK Aggarwal
Editor in Chief
drkkaggarwal Dr K K Aggarwal on Twitter
Krishan Kumar Aggarwal Dr k k Aggarwal on Facebook

  eMedinewS Audio PostCard

 Treating Diabetes Post 2010

Dr Ambrish Mithal speaks on
Hypoglycemia is common with sulfonylureas

Audio PostCard
  SMS of the Day

(By Dr GM Singh)

A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men. Thomas Carlyle.

    Photo Feature (from the HCFI Photo Gallery)

Dr. Sadhna Women Empowerment Awards Distributed

Dr. Sadhna Women Empowerment Awards were presented to women of eminence. Dr. Kaberi Banerjee, Director–Precious Baby Foundation and Infertility Specialist was felicitated with the award on 27th February 2011.

Dr K K Aggarwal
    National News

Certificate courses in 2D and 3D Echocardiography/Fellowship Diploma in non invasive cardiology: Contact Dr KK Aggarwal, Moolchand Medcity, email: emedinews@gmail.com

Glaucoma awareness week from March 6

HYDERABAD: Glaucoma, the leading cause of irreversible blindness, continues to go undiagnosed because of lack of awareness. Glaucoma refers to a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve, which carries visual information from the eye to the brain. In many cases, damage to the optic nerve is due to increased eye pressure. "Low vision and blindness can have devastating consequences for individuals as it leads to loss of independence and reduces quality of life," said Dr G Chandra Sekhar, director, L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) here on Wednesday. Speaking to mediapersons, he said that most patients are unaware that they could be suffering from glaucoma, because of the late onset of symptoms. Currently, 11.2 million Indians suffer from this eye condition and among them 1.1 million have lost their vision. Experts say that childhood glaucoma is a serious paediatric condition that many parents are not familiar with. According to the World Health Organisation, 3 lakh children are afflicted with developmental glaucoma worldwide and two–third are already blind. Early diagnosis can reduce progression of the disease and all it takes to prevent such a condition is regular eye check up. LVPEI has two events lined up as part of the observation of the week which includes an awareness run on March 6 starting from KBR Park. The second event is a ‘Glaucoma Public Education Forum: Come and learn more about glaucoma’ on March 12, at its premises. (Source: The Times of India, Mar 3, 2011)

    International News

(Contributed by Rajat Bhatnagar, International Sports & Fitness Distribution, LLC http://www.isfdistribution.com)

Americans getting barely half of recommended fiber intake

All the benefits listed above make it hard to imagine why people are still not getting the 32 grams of fiber recommended daily by the National Fiber Council. The council reports that the average American "barely consumes half of the recommended amount of fiber needed per day" and shares these findings from a survey conducted in 2005:

  • Only slightly more than half of respondents correctly identified fiber as being able to lower blood cholesterol, prevent heart disease and manage weight
  • 60 percent of respondents never talk with their health care provider about fiber
  • One in five has no idea how much fiber they consume on a daily basis
  • Only 22 percent know the daily recommended amount of fiber

One other main reason why Americans receive so few grams of dietary fiber is because it is excluded from many processed foods. Most of today’s mass–produced baked products, pasta and cereals have fiber removed in the quest for greater softness, appeal, and longer shelf life. Unfortunately, these developments have come at a cost to people’s health.

(Dr Monica and Brahm Vasudev)

Study knocks diagnostic value of PSA velocity

If prostate biopsy is based on PSA velocity alone, the number of unnecessary biopsies would be almost four times the number of additional cancers diagnosed, data from a large clinical trial showed. In the absence of other predictive factors, PSA velocity would have identified 115 prostate cancers at a cost of 433 unnecessary biopsies, according to Andrew Vickers, PhD, of Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center in New York City and colleagues. If used as sole justification for a biopsy, PSA velocity would trigger about one of every seven prostate biopsies, they reported online in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. (Medpge)

Study ranks relative contributions of triggers to heart attacks in the general population

Air pollution contributes to more heart attacks in the population as a whole than negative emotions, sexual activity and cocaine use, according to a new study" published online in The Lancet.

Kidney cancer rates increasing fastest among people younger than 65

The US kidney cancer rate has "risen steadily since 1975 and, since 1991, the greatest increase has been among younger people," according to a study presented at the Genitourinary Cancers Symposium.

Birth control pill not linked to heart attack: study

A new study has shown that there is no link between heart attacks and mini birth pills. The mini pills contain the hormone progestin (Cedars Sinai Medical Centre).

Study questions salt guidelines for diabetics

A new Australian study published in the Journal of Diabetes Care has shown that people with highest levels of sodium in the urine had the smallest risk of dying in a ten years period. The study challenges the guideline that urges diabetics to cut back salt in their diet. In the past also, many studies have doubted the rule of universal salt reduction in patients with high blood pressure and diabetes. The answer may lie in Ayurvedic concept

    Infertility Update

(Dr. Kaberi Banerjee, Director Precious Baby Foundation, banerjee.kaberi@gmail.com)

What is unexplained infertility?

Up to 26% of infertile couples have unexplained infertility. In such cases, abnormalities are likely to be present but not detected by current methods. Possible problems could be that the egg is not released at the optimum time for fertilization that it may not enter the fallopian tube, sperm may not be able to reach the egg, fertilization may fail to occur, transport of the zygote may be disturbed, or implantation fails. It is increasingly recognized that egg quality is of critical importance and women of advanced maternal age have eggs of reduced capacity for normal and successful fertilization. Also, polymorphisms in folate pathway genes could be one reason for fertility complications in some women with unexplained infertility.

    Hepatology Update

(Dr. Neelam Mohan, Director Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Liver Transplantation, Medanta – The Medicity, drneelam@yahoo.com)

What is the cause of UGI bleed in infants?

In infants the common causes are:

  • Stress ulcer/gastritis
  • Acid–peptic disease
  • Mallory–Weiss tearDuplication cyst
  • Varices
  • Webs
  • Intestinal obstruction
    Medicolegal Update

(Dr Sudhir Gupta, Asso Professor, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, AIIMS)

Standard of medical care The Nebraska Supreme Court

A physician is not responsible for the consequences of an honest mistake or error in judgment in his diagnosis.

  • A patient is entitled to an ordinary, careful, and thorough examination…and, while he does not insure the correctness of his diagnosis, a physician or surgeon is required to use reasonable skill and care…If he omits to inform himself, by proper examination, as to the facts and circumstances and injury results, he is not relieved of liability of errors in judgment…It is the duty of a physician or surgeon in diagnosing a case to use due diligence in ascertaining all available facts and collecting data essential to a proper diagnosis.
  • The Minnesota Supreme Court in 1976 published its perspective Negligence cannot be found when the facts show no more than an error in diagnosis which…may be the result of an error in judgment rather than negligence…A physician is not responsible for the consequences of an honest mistake or error in judgment in his diagnosis.
  • Five years later, an Illinois appellate court issued this commentary the plaintiff must demonstrate what the average reasonable physician in good standing…would have done in a similar case.
  • Proof of a bad result or a mishap is not evidence of lack of skill or negligence. If a doctor has given a plaintiff the benefit of his best judgment, assuming that judgment to be equal to that ordinarily used by reasonably well–qualified doctors in similar cases, he is not liable for negligence, even if that judgment is erroneous…Plaintiff has established that other physicians may have handled her case differently, but we find that a reasonably well–qualified doctor might well have proceeded in the same manner as defendant.
    Legal Question of the Day

(Dr M C Gupta, Advocate)

I gave blood for test but the sample was spoiled. What should I do?

Q. I am currently in Tokyo. I was visiting India and on 1–1–2011, gave my blood at a hospital in Kolkata for Karyotyping (chromosomal analysis) test. The hospital outsourced the test to another lab. The report was due on 01.02.11. But I later got a phone call from the hospital that I should give another blood sample. The reason was falsely given that I submitted the test prescription slip three days late. On 28–1–2011, I wrote a letter to the hospital against this. The hospital replied next day, enclosing a copy of the blood report dated 6–1–2011. The report was only "No Metaphases Seen" and nothing else. The hospital offered to carry out a fresh test free of charge. I told them I had gone back to Japan wrote to them to explain the reason for delay. They offered to refund the money charged. I am sure the hospital is at fault because the blood sample was spoiled due to delay in sending it to the lab.

My queries are:

a. What are the safeguard mechanisms for consumers in India?
b. Can this incident be called as medical negligence?
c. What remedy can I seek? How should I proceed?


  1. It is apparent that there was deficiency in service on the part of the hospital as regards preserving and transmitting the sample to the lab properly and in time.
  2. You can go to the consumer court seeking compensation. I don’t think a significant amount of compensation will be awarded by the court even if you win the case. I do not foresee any court awarding more than Rs. 10,000/– including the cost of litigation. As a matter of fact, you will spend much more than that engaging advocates etc. since you are in japan at present.
  3. The court is likely to consider the fact that being located in Tokyo, you can as well get the test done there and might assume that you have no real cause for litigation and have approached the court just for the fun of it. Courts discourage avoidable litigation. The court is also likely to favourably consider the hospital’s offer of refunding the money or carrying out a free fresh test as a reasonable offer.
  4. This incidence would more correctly be labeled as deficiency in service rather than medical negligence. There is no physician–patient relationship involved here. Any goods can be lost or spoiled anywhere in the world for multiple reasons and the court is unlikely to take a severely adverse view against the hospital.
  5. I would suggest that you should drop the idea of pursuing this case legally and settle for whatever amount the hospital is willing to pay you.
    Obesity Update

Dr. Parveen Bhatia and Dr Rama Lakshmi

Why is childhood obesity considered a health problem?

Some health problems are much more likely to affect obese children than non–obese children.

  • Asthma, especially severe asthma and other breathing problems. The extra weight on the child’s body can cause problems with the development and health of the child’s lungs, leading to asthma or other breathing problems.
  • Diabetes, type 2
  • High blood pressure and High cholesterol
  • Heart failure
  • Liver problems ("fatty liver")
  • Bone and joint problems in the lower body
  • Growth abnormalities
  • Early puberty or menstruation. Being obese can create hormone imbalances for the child. These imbalances can cause puberty to start earlier than expected.
  • Breathing problems such sleep apnea, a condition in which the child may snore or have abnormal breathing when he or she sleeps.
  • Emotional and social problems: Children often tease or bully their overweight peers, who suffer a loss of self–esteem and an increased risk of depression as a result.
  • Behavior and learning problems. Overweight children tend to have more anxiety and poorer social skills than normal–weight children have. At one extreme, these children may be aggressive and disrupt their classrooms and at the other, they may be socially withdrawn. Stress and anxiety also interfere with learning, causing declining academic performance.
  • Rashes or fungal infections of the skin, acne.
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(Dr Surendernikhil Gupta)


Global Health And Foreign Policy


    Lab Update

(Dr Arpan Gandhi and Dr Navin Dang)

Pap smear manual reporting

Manual reading of cervical smear slides is superior to automation–assisted reading at detecting abnormal cells. Technology is available which can assist in cervical screening by automatically detecting abnormal fields on a slide and presenting them on an automated microscope, and is analogous to manual cytological microscopy.

A professor of gynecological oncology and lead author in U.K. said, "Although automated reading could achieve productivity gains in terms of the numbers of slide checked, on the basis of this evidence there does not appear to be sufficient grounds to recommend automation." The trial also found that the cytoscreeners preferred manual reading as automation–assisted reading was monotonous. The article was published in January 2011, in Lancet Oncology

    Medi Finance Update

BDO Budget Snapshot 2011–12
(Saurabh Aggarwal)

Proposed Direct Tax Amendments In Brief

Tax Rates – Corporate

Surcharge – For domestic companies reduced from 7.5% to 5%. For non–domestic cos, reduced from 2.5% to 2%. Basic tax are the same.

    Drug Update

List of Approved Drug From 01.01.2010 TO 31.8.2010

Drug Name


DCI Approval Date

Tolperisone HCl SR 450mg Tablets

For the relief of painful muscle spasms of the skeletal musculature.


    IMSA Update

International Medical Science Academy (IMSA) Update

Nocturnal leg cramps

A systematic review of treatments for nocturnal leg cramps identified limited data to support the use of several agents, including calcium channel blockers and vitamin B complex.

    IJCP Special

Dr Good Dr Bad

Situation: A patient with high triglycerides developed stroke.
Dr Bad: They are not related.
Dr Good: They are related.
Lesson: Men and women with high triglyceride levels are at an increased risk of ischemic stroke.

Make Sure

Situation: A patient on 10 units of insulin developed hypoglycemia after taking light breakfast.
Reaction: Oh my God! Why was insulin dose not reduced?
Lesson: Make sure that insulin dose is correct. The formula is 500/total daily dose. The value will be the amount of sugar fluctuation with ten grams of carbohydrates.

Myths and Facts
(Dr. Narendra Kumar)

Myth: Contact lenses should not be prescribed to young children.

Fact: Despite what you might have been told by friends or relatives or even the family physician, contact lenses are safe for children as young as 12 years, who can easily be taught the insertion, removal, and cleaning and disinfection etc. of monthly disposable contact lenses (a preferred wearing modality over yearly ‘contacts’). Contact lenses provide better visual field and (being invisible to onlookers) self–esteem, and are distinctly better in sport activities.

    Lighter Side of Reading

An Inspirational Story
(Contributed by Dr Anupam Sethi Malhotra)

The Plan of the Lord

Once there was a sweeper in a well known temple and he was very sincere and devoted. Every time he saw thousands of devotees coming to take darshan of the Lord, he thought that the Lord is standing all the time and giving darshan and He must be feeling very tired. So one day very innocently he asked the Lord whether he could take the place of the Lord for a day so that the Lord can have some relief and rest. The Deity of Temple replied, "I do not mind taking a break. I will transform you like Myself, but you must do one thing. You must just stand here like Me, smile at everyone and just give benedictions. Do not interfere with anything and do not say anything. Remember you are the deity and you just have faith that I have a master plan for everything." The sweeper agreed to this.

The next day the sweeper took the position of the deity and a rich man came and prayed to the Lord. He offered a nice donation and prayed that his business should be prosperous. While going, the rich man inadvertently left his wallet full of money right there. Now the sweeper in the form of deity could not call him and so he decided to control himself and keep quiet.

Just then a poor man came and he put one coin in the Hundi and said that it was all he could afford and he prayed to the Lord that he should continue to be engaged in the Lord’s service. He also said that his family was in dire need of some basic needs but he left it to the good hands of the Lord to give some solution. When he opened his eyes, he saw the wallet left by the rich man. The poor man thanked the Lord for His kindness and took the wallet very innocently. The sweeper in the form of the Deity could not say anything and he had to just keep smiling.

At that point a sailor walked in. He prayed for his safe journey as he was going on a long trip. Just then the rich man came with the police and said that somebody has stolen his wallet and seeing the sailor there, he asked the police to arrest him thinking that he might have taken it. Now the sweeper in the form of Deity wanted to say that the sailor is not the thief but he could not say so and he became greatly frustrated. The sailor looked at the Lord and asked why he, an innocent person, is being punished. The rich man looked at the Lord and thanked Him for finding the thief. The sweeper in the deity form could no more tolerate and he thought that even if the real Lord had been here, he would have definitely interfered and hence he started speaking and said that the sailor is not the thief but it was the poor man who took away the wallet. The rich man was very thankful as also the sailor.

In the night, the real Lord came and He asked the sweeper how the day was. The sweeper said, "I thought it would be easy, but now I know that Your days are not easy, but I did one good thing." Then he explained the whole episode to the Lord. The Lord became very upset on hearing this whereas the sweeper thought the Lord would appreciate him for the good deed done.

The Lord asked, "Why did you not just stick to the plan? You had no faith in Me. Do you think that I do not understand the hearts of all those who come here? All the donation which the rich man gave was all stolen money and it is only a fraction of what he really has and he wants Me to reciprocate unlimitedly. The single coin offered by the poor man was the last coin he had and he gave it to Me out of faith. The sailor might not have done anything wrong, but if the sailor were to go in the ship that night he was about to die because of bad weather and instead if he is arrested he would be in the jail and he would have been saved form a greater calamity. The wallet should go to the poor man because he will use it in My service. I was going to reduce the rich man’s karma also by doing this and save the sailor also. But you cancelled everything because you thought you know My plan and you made your own plans."

God has plans and justice for everyone…We just have to have patience!!!!!

— — — — — — — — — —

Mind Teaser

Read this…………………


Yesterday’s Mind Teaser: (ice) 3
Answer for Yesterday’s Mind Teaser: Ice cube

Correct answers received from: Dr K P Rajalakshmi, Dr Manjesha, Dr Anil Kumar, Dr Riyazul Qamar Khan, Dr K.Raju, Dr Chandresh Jardosh, Dr N C Prajapati, Dr Neelam Nath, Dr Anil Bairaria

Answer for 3rd March Mind Teaser: Bridge over troubled water
Correct answers received from: Dr Shubha Laxmi Margekar, Dr H L Kapoor, Dr Parul Chopra Buttan, Dr U.Gaur, Dr K P Rajalakshmi, Dr Raju Kuppusamy, Dr Rashmi Chhibber, Dr Anupam Sethi Malhotra, Dr S Upadhyaya, Dr Shirish Singhal, Dr Manjesha

Send your answer to ijcp12@gmail.com

— — — — — — — — — —

Laugh a While
(Contributed by Dr G M Singh)

A Horoscope for the Workplace

Customer service: Bright, cheery, positive, you are a fifty–cent cab ride from taking your own life. As a child very few of you asked your parents for a little cubicle for your room and a headset so you could pretend to play "Customer Service." Continually passed over for promotions, your best bet is to date your boss.

— — — — — — — — — —

Continuing Ed for Doctors described in Bollywood songs……
(Dr Dolly Aggarwal)

Tadap tadap k is dil se aah nikalti rahi: Angina pectoris

    Readers Response
  1. Thanks Dr K K Aggarwal for providing e books, eCME on recent update in DM type 2, by senior consultants and doctors. It makes me happy to read them all. Many doctors are getting advantage of this unique live distance education opportunity. I can call it ‘Dr KKA Live & Mobile University’. Regards: Dr K P Singh, Cardiologist, Medanta Medcity, Gurgaon, 09818110832, drkpsingh10@gmail.com
    Public Forum

(Press Release for use by the newspapers)

Computer use can cause neck pains

Using computers for extended periods causes and aggravates neck pain said Dr. K.K. Aggarwal Padma Shri and Dr B C Roy National Awardee and President Heart Care Foundation of India.

Quoting a study published in the journal Cephalalgia, Dr Aggarwal said that neck pain is more common among students who spend more time on computers.

Sixteen percent of children who spend 5 or fewer hours using a computer each week have neck pain as against 48% who use 25 to 30 hours of computer a week.

The study enrolled grades 10 to 12 at schools in Western Cape, South Africa in 2006 and assessed duration of computer use and occurrence of neck pain among 1073 students (65 percent girls), who were 16 years old on average.

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2011


6th Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Nephrology (IANCON–2011)

March 12–13, 2011: Taj Deccan, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad–34
Faculty: Dr MS Amarsen, Dr KV Jhony, Dr SC Dash, Dr Kashivishweswaran, Dr V Sakhuja, Dr RK Sharma, Dr Girishnarayan, Dr Anuradha, Dr SK Agarwal, Dr P Sundarajan, Dr P Keshivya, Dr Ravi Raju, Dr Dilip Pahari, Dr LC Sharma, Dr Sanjeev Saxena, Dr Sanjay Gupta, Dr Abhijit Tarapdhar, Dr PP Verma, Dr Harun Rashid, Dr Sampath Kumar, Dr Sanjib Sharma, Dr S Padmanabhan.
Topics: CKD Symposium (From India, Nepal, Bangladesh), Newer concepts in the pathogenesis of hypertension, Fluid and Electrolyte & AKI, RAAS in treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy, Primary Prevention of CKD: Trials & tribulation in Indian condition, Vitamin–D andchronic kidney disease, Mycophenolate Vs Cyclyophosphamide in Lupus nephritis, Individual zinganemia therapy, How to monitor Immunosuppression minimization, Obesity Diabetes epidemic, Life Style changes & therapeutics, BKV and CMV Nephropathy, Leptospira and Acute Kidney Injury, HIV Nephropathy, Hypophosphatemia and Renal Disease, Immunosuppressant and risk of Malignancy, Pregnancy ARF, Expanding Dialysis services in Andhra Pradesh, Making kidney transplant easier for less privileged, Cardiovascular risk reduction in CKD
Organizing Secretary: Dr Sree Bhushan Raju, Associate Professor, Dept of Nephrology, NIMS, Hyderabad, Mob: 09848492951, sreebhushan@hotmail.com; www.ian2011.in
Note: "Prof SC Dash oration in Nephrology" from this year onwards. Three awards each in oral, poster and imaging in Nephrology sessions

Registration for Delegates Amount
Up to 15th February 2011
Rs. 1500/–
Up to 5th March 2011
Rs. 2000/–
Spot registration
Rs. 2500/–
Rs. 500/–

DD/Cheque in favor of "IANCON–2011" payable at Hyderabad. Add Rs 100/– for outstation cheque.

CME on Pediatric Hepatology – 2011 (In Association with Gastroenterology Chapter of IAP)

emedia partner Emedinews

Date: March 26–27, 2011; Venue: 2nd Floor, Auditorium, Medanta – The Medicity, Sector 38, Delhi NCR, Gurgaon – 122001, Haryana

Organizing Chairperson: Dr Neelam Mohan, Director, Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Liver Transplantation, Medanta – The Medicity

No registration fee. Prior registration is must

For More information please contact:
Dr Sakshi Karkra – 09971018789 Dr Avinal Kalra – 09717840850 Dr Mahinder S Dhaliwal – 09999669415
Ms Karuna – 09899996682

For detailed scientific program, click

eMedinewS Events: Register at emedinews@gmail.com

Medifinance Conference On Portfolio Management for Doctors and update on Budget 2011

Date: 13th March 2011, Time: 9 Am – 4 Pm, Venue: Auditorium, Delhi TB Association,  9 Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003
Speakers: Dr Subhash Lakhotia and other top of line from finance sector. The speakers to be chosen from the industry will be experts in each field to be covered in this conference

Separate sessions for portfolio management, insurance, mediclaim, banking sector, investments primary market, secondary market, taxation, loans for setting up hospitals, nursing homes, labs, etc. all under one roof.

No entry fee, the number of participants will be limited to 100 on first cum first serve basis. advance registration by mail to hcfi.1986@gmail.com/drkk@ijcp.com or by phone on 9899974439/9873716235.

World Fellowships of Religions and Perfect Health Parade

First ever Conference which will talk about science behind all Religions, Dharmas and Pathies under one roof
Subject: Global Warming, Ethnic Crises, How to be Healthy
Date: Sunday 3rd April, 2011;Venue: Maulana Azad Medical College Auditorium, New Delhi;Time: 8 AM – 4 PM

Parade through tableaus to be flagged off at 10 am from outside MAMC to move till 5 pm on different predefined routes in Delhi to create awareness about health matters.

Parade Route: Vikas Marg – Shahdara – Seemapuri – Guru Tegh Bhadur Hospital – Seelampur Pusta – Gandhinagar, to ISBT Kashmiri Gate – Civil Lines – Delhi University North Campus – Azadpur – Punjabi Bagh – Mayapuri – Raja Garden – Janakpuri – Tilak Nagar – Tihar Jail Road – Delhi Cantt. – R.K Puram – Munirka – IIT Gate – Panchsheel Park – Chirag Delhi Flyover – Nehru Place – Modi Mill Flyover – Ashram – Nizamuddin – Sunder Nagar – Pragati Maidan – ITO – finally culminate at Maulana Azad Medical College at 4pm.

Full day conference on ethnic crisis and global warming. Pre lunch session to be addressed by religious representatives who would talk on what each religion has to say. Post lunch to be addressed by doctors from all streams of medicinal practice (allopathy, ISM)
Register: rekhapapola@gmail.com

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